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Fic Shoutout: "Near The Tree" by Comma Typer · 2:33am September 7th

ENear the Tree
Apple Bloom tries to connect with her Equestrian sort-of brother in the middle of a multiversal expo.
Comma Typer · 14k words  ·  19  1 · 248 views

Per the blog title, I'm signal-boosting a friend's story. I left a long, essay-style comment on the fic itself, but to sum up the strongest aspect: EqG Apple Bloom and pony Big Macintosh prove that certain bonds transcend dimensions.

Give it a read if you enjoy wholesome, slice-of-life stories stuffed with characters. The human CMC have good group rapport, and pony Big Mac is endearingly stoic.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Str8aura's Spentazing Amacular Secret Shipfic Folder Expansion Pack · 4:48am April 1st

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"Wet Behind The Ears", the lost fic from Janurary, is now re-published! · 4:49am February 10th

EWet Behind The Ears
The ponies of Maretime Bay don't know the lone Sea Pony who lives near their shoreline. She knows them, though. If only she could find a way up there...
Casketbase77 · 3.4k words  ·  185  3 · 1.5k views

Title says it all. The fic is back after a minor debacle detailed here. Many thanks to the artist Ahobobo for supplying a new cover photo. Behold Bluegill Brine, Maretime Bay's solitary Seapony.

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Disclosure regarding my most recent but now unpublished fic... · 12:55pm January 14th

Hello, everyone. I have a bit of bad news but a ton of good news related to Wet Behind the Ears. The bad news is I'm unpublishing it for awhile. Apologies to anyone who didn't get to read it yet.

Onto the good news: RexySeven, the owner of the OC in the fic, has already been working on a full-blown comic about her!

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Promoting a fun fic I proofread. (And also giving a minor update on my productivity) · 5:21pm Apr 15th, 2021

Hey all. Sorry my Thursday uploads have been less frequent; I’m doing lots of prereading these days. Have a guest upload by longtime Snippet Series co-author, Str8aura!

TThe Many Minuettes
Minuette tries to understand the universe and her powers by throwing herself at the same problem as many times as possible, or at least until she gets bored.
Str8aura · 5.9k words  ·  101  2 · 1.1k views

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Sorry for being scarce these past weeks. Have a guest upload! · 3:37am Nov 5th, 2020

TA Hundred Pounds of Clay
Twilight sets out to newmake an old friend, alongside someone else
Str8aura · 2.3k words  ·  35  1 · 729 views

Work on the Snippet finale continues, and I’ve finally got a commissioned cover art in the works. During this interim, I highly recommend sampling the embedded story by Str8aura, part time co-author of the Snippet Series. Heck, check out Str8aura’s entire profile if you’re inclined. Tons of great stuff there with emotional beats far stronger than most of my works.

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Soon... · 3:25am Oct 8th, 2020

... the Snippet Season One Finale will be posted!
See below for details and prep.

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Teaser excerpt from the promised "Innocent Until Proven Cozy" sequel · 3:06am Jul 25th, 2020

It's been a year to the day since my first fic's upload. Those of you whom I spoke with in the comments may remember that my aim was for the sequel to go live on the one year anniversary, though suffice to say it's not even close to finished. Between the Snippet Series and It Takes A Princess, the Innocent sequel hasn't had much of my attention for the past few months. While I'm happy that my current works are being well-received, I still want to honor my promise to

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This week's Thursday upload will be either a Friday or Saturday upload · 4:03am Jul 16th, 2020

As indicative by my late at night blog post and lack of new chapter for It Takes A Princess, the current chapter just plain isn't coming together and needs more work. This probably goes without saying at this point, but I'd rather submit no upload than a mediocre one.

Rest assured that this fic will be done before the August 1st contest deadline. I'm determined to not fall completely off the wagon.

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Snippets’ll be slow the next few weeks while I work on a Contest Fic. · 1:15pm Jun 25th, 2020

As stated in the blog title, my ongoing Snippet Series will be on the back burner through the first half of July as my efforts go towards my ongoing entry for Nitro Indigo’s Swapped Roles contest. I know many of you newcomers are Following for more short stories like Cover to Cover, and I promise they’re coming eventually.

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