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Vis-A-Viscera's Commissions Page · 4:13pm Jul 10th, 2020

Let's do this. From today forward, Vis-A-Viscera is opening its first commissions page!
It'll be basic stuff for right now: shoot me a message here or on my Discord profile with your FIMFic commission requirements. We'll work things out from there!
No-gos are: Watersports and scat (foalcon too, unless it's aged-up, of course) are no-gos; all else, come on down and we can hash it out together.

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    Well, I've been off the site for a week or so, barring the submissions, and it's for a good reason. See, my recent story, Chrome Hearts was an rather ambitious endeavor that I had. However, it went off the rails a little (well, a bit more than a little), and I found myself having to revise it.

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    Hot Flashes Sequel Incoming

    Right, still recovering from a serious eye issue, but I've got a whopper of a story for you all tomorrow.

    Namely, this story's sequel, now called Temper Flaring Tango.

    [Adult story embed hidden]

    Be ready.

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    The Power Pony Pack Preview

    So folks, big news: ArDee and I are hard at work making a Apple/Dash clop quartet this week for Krazy's Warm & Fuzzy Feelings giveaway/contest. And what's more, we're going to be doing it day-by-day, side by side. In fact, here's the preview of the first 'issue', set to drop at 3PM EST today on my channel.

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A stupid n***a once told me:

"What if pigs in a blanket is actually a pocket pussy made of bread?"

I'm tellin' you, that shit was funny.

Thank you 😙
funny...is that you replied back to me one month later (on April 28th) my reply is late too:rainbowlaugh:

To the author - HI!👋 i've read/loved both stories of Big Mac's Backdoor Breakthrough & When Spike Scales Up:heart:😍

p.s: so a personal question but only if you feel comfortable answering ... what pronouns do you go by (i looked through your blog posts but couldn't find anything) also don't want to misgender you on purpose cause i already did that with author known as Botched Lobotomy but they real chill about it.

message written out on Friday of 3/26/21

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