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Vis-A-Viscera's Commissions Page · 4:13pm Jul 10th, 2020

Let's do this. From today forward, Vis-A-Viscera is opening its first commissions page!
It'll be basic stuff for right now: shoot me a message here or on my Discord profile with your FIMFic commission requirements. We'll work things out from there!
No-gos are: Watersports and scat (foalcon too, unless it's aged-up, of course) are no-gos; all else, come on down and we can hash it out together.

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  • 61 weeks
    No Story this Wednesday... But On Christmas Eve...

    Alright, guess the streak had to break for one week.

    Yes, I got laid up with shoulder issues, so there'll be no story on Wednesday this week. However, there will be one this one, one I've been working on for a while, that will be a sequel to another long-form fic I did, and commissioned by the same person as that last fic to boot.

    The link to it is below: expect the first chapter of that sequel to touch down this Saturday, at 3:00 PM!

    Until then, folks, stay warm.

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  • 72 weeks
    Okay, So... Barcast INterview!

    7pm tonight, I'm going to be laying it all on the line when I'm interviewed by these fine fellers.

    What questions will they pick to set upon me? Can I be as good a guest as I am a writer? Will my (probably) planned callout of Tala Tearjerker on Viscera (the pony's) behalf count as a last will?

    All of that and more, in 7 hours and counting.

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  • 81 weeks
    Back and I'm Better

    Okay, so.

    Short version of what I've been up to - see the above title and know it comes off a hand that one month ago, was still recovering from being broken.

    Long version of where' I've been off to for the last year and change... well, a lot of developments happened in my life. Rocky ones, profound ones, but all worthy of Mt. Everhoof all the same.

    Read More

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Comment posted by KRMebius deleted Jan 27th, 2023

I appreciate your pun. It’s a bad pun, which of course means it’s a good pun. Respect!

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