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About this New Story... · 10:30pm April 8th

So, this story requires a little explanation.

To put it mildly, I betrayed the trust of quite a few people whom I respect, and when it seemed as though I’d gotten away with it, I used that as an excuse to wave away any guilt I felt.  After I’d been found out, that excuse was taken from me, and that’s when I truly realised just how wrong my actions were.

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Depressed, anxious and very sour about it.

And being accused of not learning my lesson after three months of this living hell and a deteriorating home life, up to and including that I've made ten different alt accounts to boost my story ratings, isn't helping.

Hey man, how've you been?


My ambitions occasionally exceed my abilities.

I have no ability with photo editing, but I'm tempted to slap your avatar's face over an Icarus picture and call it a meme.

Ambition isn't a bad thing for your writing. I write almost purely on the stuff.

I sometimes feel my desire to "get it done, get it out there" hinders the overall quality.

This is sometimes why I dump some word vomit here or on an alt or just push out some fluff 'n' stuff between longer, serious projects.

Down to earth? I try to be. Only most of the time. My ambitions occasionally exceed my abilities. But for the most part, I enjoy reading and writing stories that do their best to depict people authentically, as people and not just plot devices.

It's why I like writing something that isn't just a fluff piece, or just erotica, if there's a question about interpersonal relations that fits the scenario comfortably. I'm not learned or adept at writing enough to broach any big issues, I feel, so that's why I tend to keep plots focussed on the little things. Whether I hendle them effectively is up to others, though I sometimes feel my desire to "get it done, get it out there" hinders the overall quality.

Of your stories that I've read (thus far it's 4-5) you have some exceptionally wholesome stuff. Just stories about friendship and inter-personal/pony relationships spun in fine prose across all ratings. It's really refreshing compared to a lot of the site's squicky side. There's not a lot I won't read, but there's always been parts of this site I never wanna dip my toes in. You come across as a very down to earth, fun guy, my dude.

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