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The birds work bourgeoisie. Don't forget.


There are many things you can think about after almost dying.

For Applejack and Rainbow Dash, it's what comes after.

Written for Appledash Contest #6 - "Go Big or Go Home".
Inspired by Fighting Scars by majoramask.
Edited by Pascoite and ROBCakeran53.
Preread by Flashgen.
Original art by uar1.

Chapters (1)

It ain't always easy, regaining what you lost.

Especially when you've been missing it for years.

Written for Appledash Contest #6 - "Go Big or Go Home".
Inspired by the original art by Heir-of-Rick.
Edited by AstralMouse, SaddlesoapOpera and Snowybee.

Chapters (4)

A griffon is having trouble adjusting to his new life.

A stranger from Equestria knows what it's like.

inspired by the 15th Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest, "A Worthy End."
Edited by Zontan, Flashgen, Syke Jr, Cold in Gardez and ROBCakeran53
Original art by Audrarius.

Chapters (1)

One night, on Hearth's Warming, Diamond Tiara returned to her hometown of Ponyville.

She'd hoped that some things might have changed.

She didn't expect somepony to change so much.

Part of the Jinglemas 2019 collaboration.
Written for LIGHTNINGinTHEdark, who requested a story about Diamond Tiara and Cheerilee.
Edited by Anon Y Mousse, Present Perfect, Cold in Gardez and Regidar.
Big thanks to Ara for the cover art.

Chapters (1)

It was an average day in Carousel Boutique.

And then the monster came.

Edited by ROBCakeran53.
Original art and character by kianamai.

Chapters (1)

Some things can't be changed.

Starlight believes otherwise.

Inspired by the original art by Plainoasis.
Edited by Jack of a Few Trades, JackRipper, ROBCakeran53, Flutterpriest, and Enigmatic Otaku.

Chapters (1)

It's time I told you a story, Apple Bloom.

A story about your sister.

A story about your brother.

A story about you.

Winner of the April Sibling Incest Contest.
Edited by ROBCakeran53, AstralMouse and Snowybee.
Original art by WillDrawForFood1.

Chapters (3)

After a troublesome Wonderbolts reunion, Fleetfoot returns home to demand some stress relief.

But sometimes what we want isn't always what we need.

Inspired by Sunset by P-Berry.
Edited by PeerImagination.
Original art by RenoKim.

Chapters (1)

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me."

If you squint hard enough, that sort of sounds like a green light to insult your friends and establish dominance.

Dash is really good at squinting.

Inspired and edited by PeerImagination, preread by Aragon.
Original art by Braeburned.

Chapters (1)
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