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Help for Mocha Star · 11:50pm Jul 12th, 2021

Greetings, Everypony,

This is not a happy blog. perhaps some of you know him, perhaps you don't, but fellow brony and friend, Mocha Star, is currently incarcerated and awaiting trial. He expects to be exhonorated in the next few months. However, there are some things we can do to make his time in jail more bearable.

I'll just post this transcription of his letter to me.


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Welcome to the jungle, we have waffles

I'm 29 years old. Likes include pizza, cats, pones, and firearms. I graduated with a BA in Russian Language. I also speak German and know Latin. I tend to write adorable ponies doing some adorable and some not so adorable things. I also do commissions for writing and editing. Like what you see? Support me on Patreon so you can help me keep up the content. I work in physical security. And my dream is to visit the South Pacific.

Some more about me...

From: Texas
Favorite novel: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Favorite Story: Cadance In A Minor by Isseus
Favorite game: Dark Souls
Favorite movie: Full Metal Jacket

And now I have a Patreon!

Now With Patreon!

Howdy there! If you like me, my stories, my editings and you'd like to help me out, swing by my Patreon and give me a hand. I really appreciate it, and not only will you have my gratitude, but rewards as well. Free editing, stories request, and cut rates for both writing and editing commissions. What're you waiting for? Come visit!


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You’re welcome.:twilightsmile:

Hello there and thank you so much for adding my story The Heart of Pleasure to your favorites! Don't forget to drop a Like and I would love to read what you liked about it in the comments. ^_^

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I’ll PM you so you understand.

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