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How on Earth did I miss this message?
Anyway, when you want to meet up bby?

God I want you inside me. Hurt me like you did that one time I claimed to be a doctor.

Thanks for the follow and the kind words!

As to your question, the simplest answer is probably "By thinking like a writer." By which I mean two things:

1) Keeping my eyes open and always having a tiny little part of my brain evaluate the things around me for whether they would make for an interesting story or not.

Go through life like you're always doing research for your next book; figure out how you would adapt the scenes you're watching and what backstory you'd write for the people around you and how you think conversations are going to conclude after you leave. Notice details. If you hear tires screeching and a crunch of metal and turn around and there's a car accident, then (as soon as possible after doing the proper human thing and helping) get everything straight in your brain; think about all the little sensory impressions

They say that being friends with a writer means you'll inevitably see your sins on the page. The real trick is to disguise your friends and blend them together in such ways that they don't feel hurt over it. Or just never share your writing with people you like. :raritywink:

2) Writing your ideas down! Inspiration can strike at any time, and like dreams, it is most often fleeting. I used to carry around a pocket notebook so that any time I had a great story idea I would be able to jot it down immediately. Now I use the notepad on my phone and transcribe it when I'm home to an Ideas File in which everything goes that sounds even vaguely interesting. That way, when I'm sitting down in front of a keyboard and need some inspiration, I can reopen the document in which I've already done all the idea work, and run with whatever sounds cool.

Trying to think of a fresh idea on the spot is huge and frightening. Sifting through half-ideas I've generated over time is easy.

And a few bonus, more concrete suggestions for dipping your toe in the water:

3a) Prompts are great for helping you think creatively. I'm a member of the Writeoff Association which runs competitions every three weeks to a new prompt each time; other groups such as Thirty Minute Ponies and the Prompt-A-Day folks can help get your mind going.

3b) This is fanfiction — it's all about exploring the depths of the things we love to read/watch. If an episode or a story leaves you with a burning question, answer it! Some of the best stories I've read here have come from picking up those dangling threads.

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! It's good to know that my comments were appreciated by someone, ha. As for stories, I've been contemplating what to write - maybe I'll start working on one soon. I'm pretty bad at coming up with ideas - since you seem to be a pretty popular author, how do you come up with your ideas?

By the way, I just followed you, I recognize some of these stories from a while back - they're very good!

Came here from your recent thoughtful, patient comments to an individual who need not be named, most specifically the insight of "homages don't work across genre boundaries". Hoped to find some stories to read. Was disappointed.

Gonna follow you in hopes you try your hand at some. :twilightsmile:

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