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Well if I told you about myself it'd beat the purpose of my Alias. To clarify, I write in Canadian English.

I Make Videos!

:pinkiegasp: Yes it's true! Would you mind checking out my short PMV test? I'd greatly appreciate feedback!



Discontinued · 3:45am Aug 30th, 2015

It's been 100 weeks since I posted my last chapter.
I posted a comment there too.

It let's you know why I am not planning on finishing the story. Sorry!

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Dude u on so crazy grass or something

Haha thanks! I'm probably going to start working on a full length one soon :rainbowkiss:

your pmv is amazing!!!:pinkiecrazy:

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Rainbow Rarity?

According to my personality test, I lean towards Rainbow Dash and Rarity. :facehoof: I hope that worked.

Now... What can we say about this other than that is odd.
Just odd.

now back to me: