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nick name :Taelonso Grim
Country: USA
Sex: male
Status: Singel (if any pegasister should look)
Height: 6' "1
Eye color: a grayish hazel
Hair: dirty blond
Body: little heavy set
current job: security guard

Reading fimfiction big time
also a very fast reader
i can finish a 10,000 word chapter in
bout 45-50 min timed my self
so keep them coming
Gaming console and computer
anime and manga


Epic Youtube Find · 8:52am May 10th

I found a fucking a fucking awesome batman video while browsing youtube and here it is Batman of Shanghai

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interesting and cool stories

  • Rebirth of the Damned Months after his death, Arthas Menethil, long known as the Lich King, is given another chance. In a world populated by talking ponies, of all places. by Borsuq 691,369 words · 30,138 views · 2,777 likes · 163 dislikes
  • Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane Spider-Man is brought to Equestria for a second chance at life, but his luck may ruin his opportunity before it can truly begin. by Maximus_Reborn 367,232 words · 29,437 views · 2,718 likes · 248 dislikes

heart warming Favourites

  • The Sun and her little Sparkle pic inspired alternate universe mommylestia story. by Dark0592 35,510 words · 20,609 views · 2,155 likes · 107 dislikes
  • An Affliction of the Heart Can a creature that feeds on love ever feel it? by Anonymous Pegasus 35,358 words · 35,999 views · 4,887 likes · 76 dislikes
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  • Nuzzle Therapy Rainbow Dash comes home to her marefriend Applejack. After a busy day of farmwork, Applejack has some fruit that she needs to count. Rainbow just wants to sniff her mane. by blue harvest 3,170 words · 4,542 views · 269 likes · 3 dislikes

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Thanks for the multitudes of faves/bookshelves dont usually get that many in one go!

Thank you for following.

Thanks for adding Pack leader to your favorites. :pinkiehappy:

2449118 rofl i can see that

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