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Where are you merchant · 10:39am Oct 15th, 2021

As the title says I wish to me the merchant my self even if this isn't real doesn't make my want any less I've even made a list of thing I would buy from him and a reason on what each item will be used for and it's not a long list as I can find any other item I think of later and if this blog post actually gets him to meet me that would be awesome I just wish to make something better of my life then what I have which I see as wasted potential at the moment everything has become monotonous

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really good favourites


nick name :Taelonso Grim
Country: USA
state: California
Sex: male
Status: Single (if any pegasister should look)
Height: 6' "1
Eye color: a grayish hazel
Hair: dirty blond
Body: little heavy set yet losing currently 125 pounds lost
current job: security guard (allied universal security)

Reading fimfiction big time
also a very fast reader
i can finish a 10,000 word chapter in
bout 45-50 min timed my self
so keep them coming
Gaming console (Xbox and computer
anime and manga

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i put it where it fits

Thanks for adding The Shadow of Equestria to five different reading lists

Ty for the spots in your library:twilightsmile:

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