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It's done! · 6:43pm Sep 21st, 2015

Finally, I've written a Pokemon Lemon.

Check out my fanfiction page to see it in all it's glory.

I ain't going anywhere, however, I'm still on this site everyday. Do not fret you lovely people.

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Good to here.

Sorry for very late reply. I only noticed this today.

I've moved on to Fanfiction.net, though I'm still around here.

It has been too long! I am glad that you are still on FIMFiction. There seem to be a lot of people dropping off the site. I was afraid you were one of them.

Thank you for the favorite on Pinning the Heart. I am glad you enjoyed it. With this story, I have promised myself that I will not do what I did with Gathering Pieces and will update every week and will not let the story go too long.

I realized his body hair will be fascinating to her, and maybe have she runs her hands through the hair on his chest, or caresses him lower, not in a lusty way at the moment, but exploring and fascinated by the differences. He does the same, marveling at hos smooth and silky her skin is. When they make love, and he gently caresses her c l i t o r i s with his fingers, her eyes roll back in her head and she almost faints from pleasure. How many other Pokémon can do that? I could see him kiss her on the nose and call her "Cutie Pie". She might call him "My Sweet Human" in her tongue. hings like when they make love, he asks her to show him what she likes. She shows him, for example, she likes it when he rubs her c l i t o r i s when they make love, or she likes to grind her pelvis against his gently.

Depending on how you want to show it, the Doctor, when bitten as a kid, got a full dose of venom, and they had to actually cut his arm open to prevent the swelling cutting off blood flow. He still has the scars, but the worst is on his hand (Let's say his left hand) between the thumb and index finger, where the bite was. He has a wide, deep scar where they had to cut away dead tissue from where the venom caused necrosis. It would have been a nightmare for a little boy, and he would have been terrified of snakes in general, let alone rattlesnakes.
As a kid, he ans friends were playing on some rocks near his home, in summer. He climbed up, and didn't watch where he put his hand. The snake had been sunning itself, and when he reached up, it bit him. It almost bit him in the face, which would have been a lot worse.

  • Viewing 578 - 582 of 582
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