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New Story Soon Possibly? · 3:08am Apr 11th, 2014

Hey everypony! I've started up a story that hasn't been published yet! I would like to let you all know this, even though it may not seem potentially important to any of you. Thanks!

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Thanks for the fav! :eeyup:

1382174 Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! Well, would to care to bounce story ideas back and forth? Also, lol that's perfect! Best finds are usually accidental :twilightblush:

1356202 Well I WAS working on something until I broke my keyboard that is. I'm typing with my on-screen one which takes forever to type with. About my profile pic.. I kinda just stumbled across it!:pinkiehappy:

Hi! I randomly followed you in hopes you publish something! :pinkiehappy: lol and I MUST KNOW ABOUT YOUR PROFILE PIC :flutterrage:

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