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After getting blasted by a wave of happiness, Sombra wakes up months later with a completely different personality and is forced to live with the memories of what he did and what he was. However, with a little patience, and a lot of help, maybe he can change that, and become something a bit better.

Story inspired by the coverart, courtesy the lovely GigaSparkle on DeviantArt.

Fun Fact: This is the first story (and currently one of only three) on this website tagged with Redheart and Sombra.

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This looks fun to read, reading it soon :ajsmug:

I promise to start reading it once the next True Love Never Changes chapter appears. If you want I will Pinkie Promise.

King Sombra in "Attack of the 50-Foot Mare"?

i like were this is going :moustache:.

Gonna be keeping my eyes on this one.:pinkiesmile:

Sombra turned and looked at her, unintentionally putting on a killer set of puppy-dog eyes.


And then they fucked.

No, they didn't. Nurse Redheart is friendly and kind-hearted, not easy and superficial. Even still, if Redheart was an easy, slutty mare, she's known Sombra for a grand total of five minutes. Her thought process would not be, "He stumbled out of the woods, starving, lost, and scary-looking, but hey he's attractive I should let him bang me."

2152226 Now I have to write a clopfic about it.

Man, turning Sombra in good guy is... well... cool :yay: my point of view of Sombra is totally on the other hand, at least for my fic, will track this one, you got me with true love never changes, now this, man you´re awsome! :moustache:

...*makes the go on motion*



I'm not sure :applejackunsure:

I like the story and would be interested in a Sombra being good guy story :pinkiehappy:

Redheart shipping plays out fine :raritywink:

However, are you going to say Sombra is just a dupe taken over by dark magic or a guy who willingly used dark magic and got taken over? he doesn't seem to well... if he is actually dark since he still has evil magic and stuff, he doesn't seem to be like a bad guy at all.... you got some explanation to do sir :duck:

Read it. Loved it. Nao I wish for more!

More Sombrero please! :pinkiehappy:

Alright. This story looks really promising so far. And I'm kind of big fan of King Sombra, and also bigger fan of redemption stories, so you have a new watcher for this story. :pinkiehappy:

an amusing and interesting story, lead on my friend you have caught my attention. Please do not disappoint us your new fans.

Sombra's change is great but how did he exactly change when he got blew up beforehand?

this story is so CUTE :rainbowkiss:

This is cute. You have my track :pinkiesmile:

What exactly do you mean? I thought I explained it in the story pretty well... the emotional atmosphere at the time of his death dictates her personality upon regeneration. For example, he was murdered by a hateful assassin the first time, and that's why he was a tyrannical dictator before being encased in ice. The emotional atmosphere at the time of his death was one of happiness and joy, that's just contrasting with the memories of what he was. Imagine yourself, a generally cheerful person... with the memories of Joseph Stalin. Would be kinda hard to live with yourself, no?

As for why the change is happening now, it just took him several months to regenerate from being blasted into almost nothing.

2181101 Ah I get it now :). Thanks for clearing it up, I think Sombra still does have old, evil personality of his within himself.

King Sombra is... Captain Panet?

Well, nevermind that. What interests me much more is how long it'll take for Sombra and Snowflake to team up and fight the inexplicably rampant crime in Ponyville as the Bad Dudes.

Special Snowflake Hug :pinkiecrazy:

OK, I hate to admit, but at first I didn't realize who this "Snowflake" was. And after reading bit further, I finally remembered, he was our beloved "YEAAAH" pegasi and... Snowflake being Nurse Readheads brother? I think I'm going to add this to my headcanon :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to see when Mane Six notice that our King is walking around Ponyville without going all "CRYSSSSTAAAAALS" on their flanks and turning into the cloud monster from Lost :derpytongue2:



2181101 That makes a lot of sense now that you've said it, but I never got it while reading the story. I just thought the magic blast scrambled his brains or something and that the specifics would be covered later.

Anyway, I like this. A lot. Redheart and Snowflake as siblings? Hilarious! Plus, I'm a sucker for redemption fics. I hope we'll get to hear more about Sombra's past and how he came to be the Crystal Empire's tyrannical leader.

Wow. I really like this. This is actually the first Sombra-fic I've read, and I really like where this is going. Be sure to write more! :moustache:

This is great! Moar plz

This fic has my full attention.

Tracking this! =D

I do have to admit, I am hoping for some more detail, in the sense of the ex-Sombra vs New.

Namely how he perceives himself, his past, ect. It hasn't been delved into fully (and obviously, this IS just the second chapter) But suddenly having a new psyche must be a....interesting experience.

Do continue, good sir :moustache:

I hope you pump out more of this some day. It's hilariously amazing.

Eyep, I'm liking this.

Tooooooo the Crack Ships Inc group!!!

Oh, and I'm the 100th liker :pinkiesmile:

is this story dead? if not, when can i expect to see the next chapter?

I strongly believe I am going to love this story a lot:twilightsmile:

I am starting to wonder what will Twilight do when she sees Sombra walking around ponyville:trixieshiftleft:

hmm i like this, please continue

This story has me hooked. It's great to finally see some more fics with Nurse Redheart! :pinkiehappy: And then I looked at the date the last chapter was posted... Hope you're still working on it. I love the Sombra/Redheart combo.

I rather like this story, I do hope you are continuing this. :heart:
Please? :duck:

This story has my interests, please continue writing this

Fun Fact: This is literally the only story on this website tagged with Redheart and Sombra.

No longer true!

Lovely! Happy story for villain! :pinkiehappy:

2181835 "King Sombra is... Captain Panet?"

Well, in Equestria, Heart is an awesome power. :yay:

I'm amused. Please continue. :twilightsmile:

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