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A Group for people and bronies who ship Discolight AKA Twicord, Means DiscordxTwilight. All are welcome, but please no hate and no flames.You can add your Discolight/Twicord stories here. Clop and others allowed.

This is also where you can discuss on why Discord and Twilight should be together, you may have reason, or you may just like the shipping, but frankly, I don't care. You ship it, means you ship it! And have FUN!

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Discord twilight. What shipping pair could ever compare:twilightblush:

379960 Please do, good sir

'M more for fluttercord but this ship is good and cute to:twilightsmile: :heart:

Comment posted by angypon03 deleted Jul 8th, 2014
Comment posted by angypon03 deleted Jul 8th, 2014

i love this couple and i'm new here (in fimfiction) maybe i still can't write stories :pinkiesad2: but maybe later i start to do many stories :twilightsmile:

I am working on a Discolight story right now but would like a proof reader and possible beta to take a look at my first few chapters. Anyone interested? :twilightblush:

When commenting, there should be a box of pony faces.
To put one in your comment, just click on it.:pinkiesmile:

You'd think due to the season finale (and the episode with sick discord) there'd be an influx of discolight stories (although he was very molest-y of her in his debut). But I haven't seen very many new ones, well here's to hoping that there will be soon! :pinkiehappy:

Woot!!! Discolight party!!!:twilightsmile:

I am member number 120. Just putting that out there.

101 members. Where is the party?:pinkiehappy:

If this group reaches 100 members,
we should all have a party.

336532 Welp, prepare to squeal more
making a fanfic
Twilight has schizophrenia in it.
All I'm gonna say.

I could just squeal . . . in fact I just did, now excuse me while I browse these stories with a stupid grin on my face!:pinkiehappy:

Well, glad I found this... Needs more stories though...

Hmmm I meant to join this group.. but decided to a tree at the time... So I am in now......

I am a Tree. Now I will burn down everything in Total war Shogun 2....

Have a lovely evening.


It's happened my fellow pony!:twilightsmile:

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