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Hello every brony! I love mlp and Doctor who, I play Minecraft and add a little Pokemon and you get me a young brony who loves to be thinking, reading, and writing, I'll finish abandoned stories too!

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Thanks for the follow

Now you see me, now you don't—oh, wait, you can still see me. Well.

Welcome, then, person who is visibly watching mineself through the Follower system of Fimfiction, to the aforementioned website.
I hope your stay will be a pleasant one.

In the meantime, have my thanks for Following, as well as my inquiry towards the occasion or cause of such.

Have a nice day.
Capacitor, awaaaaaaaaay!

Thanks for the Follow, hun! I really appreciate it!:ajsmug::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

Have one from me in return!:twilightsmile:

If you all have any abandoned stories that you want to finish I will continue them but the sole owner of the idea is the author not me I just add on like mods

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