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I know that there is already Twicord, made by clockworkangel, but I would like to start a new nation, the nation of TwiCord, where all will prosper under the watchful eye of this meant-to-be couple.

The kingdom is ruled together, but is divided into two parts which the couple each monitor.

In the land of Disco, ruled by Discord, the magic of making Chocolate Rain Clouds is taught in preschool to all Unicorn fillies and is greatly encouraged! And there's more, those who are not mischievous will be immediately seen to by the Lord of Chaos himself! In this land, almost anything is allowed and legal! As long as it does not involve thinking inside of the box!

In the land of Light, ruled by Twilight Sparkle, ponies are sensible and intelligent. Often, ponies will gather in groups and chat to each other, discussing the day's events. A good evening usually consists of reading a book quietly in a room. Here, stealing is illegal, and anypony caught trying to make Chocolate Rain Clouds will be asked to stop. Everypony is happy, and tries to find logic in what happens.

Which land will you choose to live in?

RPing Rules:
1. Any RP threads posted must be presented like this:RP - [Name of RP]
2. Follow not only these rules, but the rules of the RP.
3. If you make an RP, you may only make two threads about it: one for sign ups, another for the real RP.
4. Finish any RPs you have made on this forum before starting another on this forum.
5. Tag the RP with the different categories, (Max. 3 Category tags) and/or with [Mature] and [Gore] tags.
6. Only swear if the RP rules allow it.
7. Ask a group Moderator/Administrator before contradicting any of these rules in your RP.
8. RPs must be related to Twilight and Discord, or set in either Disco or Light.

Posting a Story:

1. PM me or a Story Approver with a link to your story.
2. Wait patiently.
3. If your story does not pass, you will either be given a chance to edit it, or be turned away politely.
4. Try, try, try again!

Check out this thread for more information on posting a story.

For more information on everything, check the forums.

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