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Do you ship Twilight and Discord? Is it clearly the supreme Discord ship to rule them all? Do you want monthly contests, Dicolight discussions and more? Look no further than The TwiCord group! Here we offer a variety of TwiCord related things, ranging from our Prompt Tag Collab to the Picture Thread.

You can add your Twilight x Discord story or someone else's to this group, just be sure to submit it correctly to one of our many folders expanding our collection of TwiCord to help settle our burning desire for it. General rules and such can be located in our Forum, pinned to the top for your convience.

Now here's a good ol' TwiCord pic:

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...So anyways, enjoy your stay here at Casa De TwiCord!

Important Group Threads:

Oh, and here's the links to our group icon and banner:

Twilight: What the hay do you think yo're doing?
Discord: I'm only petting my favorite princess!

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loool just seen this now haha

Hey Nerf finally joined. About time.

ah, my OTP!

Ah yes, my other favorite Discord ship!! ♥

Twicord is adorable ! :heart:

Twicord need be canon >:3

My Twicord story was added into Romance

I cant wait to get started

:rainbowkiss: Permission to fangirl over the new icon and banner? I love Lopoddity's art!

That would be a interesting read also it would explained were two got here mental issues from:pinkiecrazy:

Does anyone knows if there is a story on this site where Celestia is Twilight's mother and Discord is Twilight's father?

Not a big fan of the ship, but i joined solely because of that awesome banner for the group.

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.........

Comment posted by Majora deleted Jan 17th, 2015

380938 I respect you for it. :raritywink:

Meh, just doin' my job. :trixieshiftleft:

380936 :rainbowlaugh: My sides are killing me! I was just having some fun, don't need to be like that.:moustache:

380918 We wont permit any hate comments, even it's just a simple word like no.

Comment posted by Sgt GobSmacker deleted Oct 31st, 2014

380794 Aksidentally enabled RTL text, I think. Dunno how, but it ain't permanent, so whatever.

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