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The Element of Magic and the Tyrant of the Crystal Empire. What happens when they fall in love?


Welcome to the Twibra Fandom!

If you love Twilight Sparkle and King Sombra getting together in some form of a relationship, then you have come to the right place! The boards don't get edited often (yea we know those that have been here a while have seen the same thing for the past few years we know but were back, get over it) but we will try to change that hopefully in the future. We accept knew writers and their Twibra stories of any kind, whether they are genuinely evil or turn out to be good ponies in the end; so long as the two are together in some form or fashion.

If you are here for a good story or you are interested in the shipping of Twibra, check out our library were we have a selection you can choose from.

If you are looking for someone to edit over your Twibra, story message Myrkur about it. He does not charge you and he will always look for Twibra stories to edit (he even will show you your mistakes and tell you how to correct them in the future).

If you like this group then hit the join button. We are always looking for new members.

If you have any ideas for a Twibra story but are unsure or want to ask if anyone has any ideas to help with the story just ask in the forums for help.

Go Twibra! :twilightsmile:

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No sarcasm. It's a good change

I can practiacally taste the sarcasm in that single word. Lol. Hmm... Tastes like salty chips. :rainbowlaugh:

Lol. Don't worry. There's eight now.

Wow only three good ending stories? You guys are slacking!

is it alright that i joined but aren't making stories just reading

The group is now currently undergoing new administration, additions, and edits. Please feel free to add suggestions and invite others to our group! :twilightsmile:

Also I think we should have a group picture because it looks kinda bad with it being the normal logo thing there, especially since this group has been her for a few years.

I think y'all will like this picture here:

I hope y'all like it! :twilightsmile:

Hey y'all we need to have a place for people to submit their stories of TwilightXSombra. I'm just suggesting this but I would think others would also agree to this idea because I can't find anything here that actually shows stories of TwilightXSombra and that's the main reason I joined this group.
Also, if anyone needs help with a story (preferable TwilightXSombra) let me know! I would be glad to help! :twilightsmile:

I will be trying my best to create and upload my stories of Twilight and Sombra, for I have thought of hundreds of stories, yet never wrote down one. So, I finally decided to write them down, But I cannot work very often, but I will do my best to write my stories.

I got my story approved! It's called An Unexpected Visitor... At The Wrong Time! Check it out because it has Sombra and Twilight in it!

we need more TwilightXSombra here :twilightblush:

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