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Weird Sort-Of Introduction · 7:30am Nov 20th, 2015

[/throws hooves into the air] HELLO I WRITE AND DRAW. Ah, my works can be innocent or super nsfw/fetishy, so there's gonna be legit plotted stuff mixed with clop through here... A lot of OCs and hopefully OC cameos, no OC/canon stuff with any of my characters...

I'm from FurAffinity and DeviantArt, you might know me from there as CaptainCassidy or CaptainWrong (FA only).

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I made this story about the Storm King recently, and I thought it’d be nice to show you:

A King’s Grand Entrance

I also started my own group dedicated to the character if you’d like to join:

The Storm King

Lurking on the site ;A;
And thank you!

What have you’ve been up to for years? Because finally you got your first follower.

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