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This group is for the fans dedicated to one of the largest survival horror franchises invented.

This group is not just for the fans of the crossovers. This is for people who are fans of the series, no matter how big or small that is. I intend to be open and to have topic for series veterans as well as fill in some gaps for those who are not experienced with the franchise. So if you played a Resident Evil, watched a movie, like the fan works, or have heard of it, this group is for you.

Among the Infected includes, but is not limited to, Resident Evil 0, the Remake, 2,3, Code Veronica, 4, 5, Revelations,6, Outbreak files 1 and 2, Survivor, Dead Aim, Operation Raccoon City, Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside Chronicles, and all movies, both CGI and Live action.

Follow the general rules of FIMfiction. net, and most importantly, DO NOT flame anyone for having a differing opinion about the series. Otherwise, trolling will not be tolerated.

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369393 dude, I hear you, but has anypony played the darkside chronicles video game for Wii? Oh. My. Celestia. Love it!!!:trollestia:

Were the Fuck is one that has Alice

eh I like things with four legs and splatterd brains so why not join

Yay im the one hundredth member!!

I'm only here because I'm probably the best Resident Evil gamer here.

348447 good news everyone while working with the t-virus i contracted bogo!

Don't forget to introduce yourselves in the patient thread. ( this is mostly for me than anybody else).

There I've added most of what i could find, Hopefully some of them would pique your interest.

All right, I've added My Little Wesker. Will make a blog post promoting this group. Good to be on board. :twilightsmile:

348235 make a thread talking about them and why they're awesome !

Good news, guys! I added my Resident Evil stories to the list. Check 'em out! :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, that was funny.

348165 not bad, I have most of the series on the gamecube, so I have the remake. Either way, not bad.

I feel the same way with the movies. For Resident Evil, they're shit. But for the average popcorn flick, they're not bad. The one that came out with 5 and featured the guy from Prison break was entertaining.

Directors cut 1998 original release :trollestia: Playing it since I was 5 :rainbowwild: Love the games know 90% of the history and loar, hate the movies... great action movie, not Resident Evil in my eyes. (I'm talking about the Live action ones, not the CGI ones, I love the CGI movies :rainbowkiss:)

I've beat the first game on the hard difficulty with one save, and no deaths... took me about 8 hours to beat, avoiding all non boss battles :rainbowlaugh: This was a year ago...

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