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the one guy on the left

I am but a humble servent of the world, so what does that make you?

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You may be a 'humble servant of the world', but I'm a friend of the Sky. So tell me, between a servant and a friend, which of us has the better deal. 😏

2337325 Remember, Kuzuryuu's got a right, his family kills people.

2332426 Oh boy, THAT'S a can of worms! where do I begin well there's that togami kid, and kuzuryu those two I know got in just because of their name and their families 'donations' to the school program!

2332391 Anybody else that you think got a free ticket here?

2330940 For one she can't win a game of poker to save her life, I swear some of these kids are just handed free ticket to the place at times.

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