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Master: None
Servant: Unknown
Name: ???

"I am ???. Hope I can be of some help!"

Well shit. Who would have thought this group existed on here.

379165 I wonder how many type moon fans that are on this site actually know that this group exists.

Someone was kind enough to post my story in this group while I've been on hiatus. The least I can do is say hello! I hope you'll take the time to read it between watching episodes of Ufotables new F/SN anime.

Huh. I didn't know this group existed...glad I do now.

Right then. Calling all Groupers, please direct your attention to the forums if you're here and report in for roll call!

I really hope that this group grows. I am a big fan of Type Moon and their works. And I see that there is a Kara no Kyoukai folder, seeing a crossover with that would certainly be interesting...

No forum posts yet, I see. Tisk tisk, Permanent, thought this group would be different ;-;

Kidding aside, I'm hoping to see a resurgence in more interest in Type-Moon in these parts!

353755 You're the creator, I'm the first member.
353781 Ask not, why, but ask why not.

Wrong question.
You should've asked "why shouldn't Sakura be in a bikini?"
The answer: "no reason".

Watching this group intently.


EDIT: Wait, why is Sakura in a bikini for the title pic?

Will I get kicked if I shout:



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