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Saitama Status Sheet

~ If the heroes run and hide, who will stay and fight?

Hero Class: B

True Name: Saitama

Also known as: Caped Baldy, One Punch Man, That B rank who drank tea in the meeting, Hero, Sensei, Baldy, Cheater, Groin breaker

Alignment: Neutral Good

Symbol: His bald head

- Parameters -

Strength: EX (Immeasurable)

Endurance: EX (Immeasurable)

Agility: EX (Immeasurable)

Power: EX (Immeasurable)

Luck: E (D)

Despite his status as the mightiest being, Saitama has a really bad luck. Not only was he rejected by the workforce, which fortunately led to him becoming a hero, his deeds were not even recognized by the mass until he became a professional hero. However, why his luck is so low is mainly because he has not and most likely will never find the one thing that he seeks after becoming a hero: a villain strong enough to fight him on equal footing. This rotten luck in finding a worthy opponent has cast him into an existential crisis, which in turn downgrades his luck from D to E.

On the other hand, the moment he gets serious his power increases alongside his physical ability, raising it from the volume of a normal man to immeasurable.

- Personal Information -

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height/Weight: 175 cm / ?

Blood type: ?

Place of origin: Z-city

Hair colour: None

Eye colour: Black / Dark Brown

Armament: Yellow jumpsuit, red gloves and boots, white cape, Pyjama, Oppai shirt

Likes: Sales, strong villain, money, tea, heroism

Value: Heroism

Dislike: Mosquitos, his bald head being mentioned, missing a sale

Talents: Unintentionally trolling people, defeating villains with one punch, picking nose, scratching his butt, getting lost, lazing around all day

Natural enemy: Mosquitos

- Skills -

Energy Resistance – EX : Despite his absolute lack of energy manipulationof any kind, nor exposure to it, Saitama's endurance is so high that he is nigh-invulnerable to any attacks his enemy could possibly throw at him. Even attacks that can eliminate cities will not leave a scratch on him. His nigh-invulnerability allows him to casually receives even an attack from energy-based user and remain unfazed for it shields him from all form of attacks.

Independent Action – EX: Due to his extreme laziness and his my pace attitude, combined with his immense power, there is a few to no individual who can control him. His limitless pool of power allows him to stay resist any and all forms of mental or physical manipulation. His strength of will render it impossible for anyone to try to bring him under control using any means, no matter how many they used.

- Personal Skills -

Bravery – A (EX): Saitama is fearless in most situations, no matter what enemy he is facing or what it looks like, since it will only be as exciting as picking a gallon of milk from the supermarket, their forms and strength will not deter him in the slightest. He has never been affected by confusion or pressure even when the mass has turned against him. On the other hand, there are a few things that Saitama is afraid of. First is a large swarm of mosquitos. The second one is the old hag landlady asking for rent money.

Instinct – EX: Saitama possesses super hearing and sight. He could see and hear the presence of life from kilometres away even under the darkest of night.

Charisma – C (B): Despite being a generally hated hero, Saitama has garnered quite a few individuals who are loyal to him (much to his chagrin) and heroes who look up to him, at least for his strength if not for what he stood up for. The most prominent being his disciple and closest acquaintances: Genos, Fubuki, King, Silver Fang, and Licenseless Rider.

Laziness – EX: Saitama will only leave his room when: 1. There is a villain to be defeated, or 2. He runs out of ingredients to make food, or 3. There's a sale going on.

- Techniques/Attributes -

Attribute:~ His Shiny, Slick Bald Head ~

Rank: B / EX

It is said in a long lost legend…that the most beautiful bald head is one that can reflects the ray of sun, illuminating even the darkest of places. As a possessor of a shiny, slick bald head, if a light ray, no matter how small, was to be directed to Saitama's head, legend told that his head will shine with the blinding intensity that can only be matched by the sun, capable of blinding anyone within the range of the light. On the other hand, when there is no light source he can instead use his head to shatter his enemy with a simple head-butt.

Technique: ~ Nose Picking – The Ultimate Way of Killing the Tension ~

Rank: A (EX)

This technique is the greatest form of disrespect and boredom towards his enemy, although Saitama himself may not realize this and simply picks his nose because it's itching. This technique is capable of drawing the ire of even the most composed of people, enemies and allies alike, while Tatsumaki is exceptionally susceptible to this technique due to her ego.

Technique:~ 'Normal Punch' ~

Type: Monster/Villain Destroyer

Rank: EX

Saitama's 'Normal Punch'. This is his most basic form of punch, which is akin of simply flailing his hand to defeat his enemy. However, the strength of this technique is such that most of his enemies exploded from the force of the punch the moment they received it. Even the mightiest of beings will be badly injured if they receive one of these punches. The only few known to survive these punches were Lord Boros and the Human Monster, Garou. (As well as mosquitoes for some reason.)

Technique:~ 'Consecutive Normal Punches' ~

Type: Monster/Villain Destroyer

Rank: EX

Saitama's normal combo. While a normal punch can cause his enemy to explode, this technique is strong enough to instantly liquefy his enemy, leaving only a pool of blood and chunks of slightly lucky body parts behind.

Technique:~ Super Move 'Serious Series': Serious Strike ~

Type: World Destroyer (possibly Universe Destroyer at full power)

Rank: - (Immeasurable)

One of Saitama's Serious Series move. The power of this technique is such that it is strong enough to easily overwhelm other World Destroyer techniques, even the likes of Lord Boros's "Collapsing Star: Roar Cannon", and destroy the enemy without even having to physically hit him with his fist. While his normal punches are capable of affecting the environment of a city or a country, a single 'Serious Punch' from Saitama is more than capable of affecting the entire world, evident when he part the atmosphere from the time when he first used this technique despite it not being at no where close to full power.

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