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You a gamer looking for some friends to play with? Got PlayStation Network? Want to talk about some of your favorite classics on the PS1 and PS2? Got stories that feature a Sony classic? Then this is the group for you. Join today. If there is a game I missed in the folders let me know.

1. No spam of Xbox hate.
2. Do not ridicule someone over a game they may or may not like

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Hello every pony I'm new :3

It's valentine's day.
Looks like I'm...
How could this happen to me?

Oh yea an Max Payne

Half Life and Silent Hill are my shit

311715 I had a folder for him but it seems to have disappeared.

What about Spyro. Where is the love for my baby dragon. I loved playing his games when i was little. :twilightblush:

311698 crap... How did I? I love those games. One second.

How did you forget Killzone AND God of War?


Kid: Mommie! Mommie! Can I get some ice cream?

Mom: looks at ice cream truck, sees this Seems legit. Here's fifty dollars.

Sweet Tooth: Suckers.

311683 photo fail there buddy. :rainbowlaugh:

311681 HELL NO! Twisted Metal is my shit. F*cking love Sweet Tooth.

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