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Like draconequus? Do you have a draconequus headcanon you want to share? Want to chat about draconequus as a species? Then this is the group for you!

A group dedicated to celebrating and promoting draconequus of all shapes and kinds. Come and chat or put your stories in the appropriate folders. Discuss, self-promote, share art and anything else you can think of as long as it's Daconequus related.


1. Respect each other at all times and and in all situations. Don't go arguing with or hating on another person, group, story, or headcanon simply because you don't agree or like it. That's childish, and it WILL get you banned from the group.

2. No cursing or crude language is permitted. Just because you are comfortable with it does not mean everyone is. Let's be considerate of others and keep the threads everyone rated.

3. Tag all threads or they will be deleted. I ain't gonna put up with your laziness. It takes like two seconds.

For example, [Discussion] What's your origin headcanon?

4. Read the folders carefully! Put them in as many folders as are applicable, but make sure they belong in that folder before you throw it in there.

5. If you use artwork in ANY of your threads or comments, you WILL cite the author and link to them. I have a zero tolorance policy where that is concerned. Artists put a lot of love, time, and effort into their work. Using it without citing them is wrong.

6. Where stories are concerned, ALL story artwork should have permission from the artist to use it as a cover and a CLEAR citation. Actual permission, not you just citing them.

7. I really hope I don't have to tell you folks this, but, no foalcon or non-consensual sexual acts. There are special interest groups for those type of stories if that's your thing.

And that should do it. I hope you all enjoy the group and have fun. :pinkiehappy:

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#draconequus now exists! attention all group authors, please help it grow by tagging your fiction with #draconequus!

i like that
but what god? the former god of chaos?
personally i love the idea of draquineses being like ponies only all of them are magically gifted. hell i love the idea of them having thier own little kingdom somewhere away from ponies X3

406511 Hmmm. I have a similar theory I run with in my headcanon. In mine, Discord is the most magically powerful because he was especially blessed by God. Most draconequus are not as gifted with chaos magic, but they are more so gifted in true chaos. The kind of chaos that tears nations apart, starts wars, and leaves scars upon the land. Discord is rather mild in that regard.

the thing i have is something i was recently talking about with a firend with.
what if Discord is the broly of the draconequus race minus the bat shit crazy part?
like hes the most powerful of them while a normal one is lets say no stronger than alicorn or maybe even weaker.

Actually....this would be an amazing group to discuss a fanfiction I wrote but...lost and it discusses a buttload of origin.. though the mane character looks like an OC. But it ain't... I was going to actually post it but I wanted to wait a while. I want to animate it once I learn how. I'm currently studying the basics. I'm already good at art and transitioning the pose of a character and...whoa. I'm way off topic But the story had to do with a female draconaquus and discord being the last ones left and the girl had the impression that it was his fault. They hate eachother in the past and now things are different seeing thatthey only have eachother left and... sweet Celestia my head is in the clouds more then usual. But I have a buncha pictures I've drawn and have a great story to it.. I'm actually working on a hand drawn comic...a huge one. But my pens ran out of ink. No kidding I seriously draw twenty four seven when I'm not writing or stadying..And there I go again:ajbemused:


Oh, just imagine if Discord's family had a reunion

:twilightoops: Oh, lands. I'm imagining it!

This is cool! I'm optimistic that Discord is not the only Draconequus out there in existence. Oh, just imagine if Discord's family had a reunion :twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

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