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2759628 It's been a week. At this point, it's never gonna be resolved. I sorta expected it seeing as this account is a more or less throwaway for the person.

Dude, you need to make a blog about all this drama. I'd love to hear your perspective on things.

By that extension, ignoring people who try to resolve the situation will only exacerbate it. When Verbose Mode contacted you, if you simply didn't have the funds, you should have just said so. It would've been an upsetting and embarrassing thing to admit, but now you're wrapped up in all kinds of chaos and drama. If it wasn't your intention to do any of this, I'd advise you make a formal apology or pay the man asap. Otherwise, this whole community on here will blacklist you, and that's never a fun thing.

I've gone into this assuming you were just a scammer and/or troll, but admittedly, that wasn't the right mindset, I suppose. There is a chance you're just embarrassed or frightened about not paying or being unable to pay, and blocked/ignored people/deleted messages in an attempt to overcome that. I can't fault someone for insecurity, but you need to own up to any mistakes you've made and accept them for what they are.

Let me be a voice of reason here. Everyone would love to get things for free but nothing is free in the end someone is paying the price whether it's through money or through time someone is paying. It may not seem like a big deal, but habits like this can grow out of control and cause a lot of issues. So please try to not do this maybe stick to lower prices commissions if you have to, but not paying isn't a solution, it's a problem.

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