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A decent writer who writes a lot of fanfics about Discord. ~ Ko-Fi if you're feeling generous x3

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Hello! I'm Flusk, Fluskie, Flusk Flurry, many variations of a made up name I gave myself years ago. x3

She/Her, I love Discord, he's my comfort character, I'm professionally diagnosed with both autism and anxiety (but I feel pretty unwell mentally generally), I don't have that many friends but I don't mind talking to peoples and making more maybe? :derpyderp2:

I both edit and write my own fanfiction so expect to see some grammar errors in some of my work. I don't have a editor to always look at my stuff so sometimes I mess up and don't notice something. My apologies for that.

Here are my other social medias if you care:

Want to support me? Donate to my Ko-Fi! I'm still figuring out writing commissions and quite new to the concept so if you're ever interested, shoot me a message!


I reached 100 followers! · 1:07am Jul 29th, 2022

I just reached 100 followers on Fimfiction! Yaayy! Thank you all so much for all the support from the past 5 years, I appreciate it so much! I've really improved with my writing since then and have got so much better and I'm so happy y'all have enjoyed my stories. There will always be more to come and so many more ideas that I have in store for new stories. I can't wait to share them when I get it to it ^^

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