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In a small garden overrun by many flowers sits a slender tall creature, kneeled at the base of a flourishing tree. Its pink petals drift through the air and land in his long silver hair as he mourns the lovely yellow pegasus, Fluttershy.


A different take on the G5 comics issue.

This story includes Fluttercord angst and largely inspired off of Sandy's G5 Fluttercord comic. Fluttershy is tagged however she doesn't necessarily physically appear in this story as she has already passed on and simply recalled.

My take on Discord here is slightly different to the way he appears in the current issue just for my own reasoning and personal preference. If you don't like depressed Discord then this story most likely isn't for you.

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The comic is so cute and the art is phenomenal. This story was just the same. It was oddly a sad pick-me-up, and a reminder that immorality is no blessing but a curse. I can’t wait for the second part!

Truthfully, Sunny didn’t originally want to be out here trudging over wildlife and uncharted territory. She had been called here by the unity crystals, the three ancient artifacts that held all of Equestria’s magic and regulated it for all to use. She had previously thought there only function was to be held together and as long as all of ponykind remained harmonized and one, they would continuously provide a gift of magic for all. But apparently, they could draw Sunny’s power towards an overgrown forest, unexplored for generations. It was an itching urge mentally that could not be cured unless she followed what the crystals wanted so she had done what they wished. She didn’t even tell her friends she was here and trusted in the crystals to lead her where she needed to be.

Hmm I Wonder Could That Be the tree of Harmony well not a tree but you know what I mean guiding her somewhere

Sunny gasped loudly, her hooves doing a little giddy dance in place as multiple fireworks and stars shot off in her mind mentally. She couldn’t believe who she was standing in front of and was practically shaking with excitement.

Yeah I really like how sunny get so excited about Twilight and the history

“I have a friend named Hitch who knows a lot about animals. He can communicate with them and hear them speak as clear as day!”

I scream my head off in make your mark when hitch can talk to animal which I know it in the movie when the animal taken a like of him which it confirms my theory having the same ability as Fluttershy

Well this is a pretty interesting start of a story and hey nice to hear from you again I'm sure been pretty busy so it's all good so anyway it looks like sunny is adventuring into the forest don't know why she has to but apparently the unity Crystal told her to go there which that sounds like the tree of Harmony would say but after traveling through the forest she, cross with a creature but not just any creature it was Discord and still alive but it looks like he's seen better days apparently he's been through a lot and sunny wanted to talk with them but apparently he really don't want to he just wanted her to go away but then she realized this is the same Discord that he friends with Twilight and the others mostly Fluttersy and sunny mentioned that her friend hitch can talk to animal which that trigger the nerve she wanted to help him even asking the possum what is he like this when he got to the cottage everything was bringing back memories of Fluttershy the one who become his first friend but now she was gone and basically he was almost to the breaking point but then she tell him they can talk to hitch about the animal problem and despite that he didn't want to he accepted it boy I wonder how the ponies in maretime bay will react to him I guess we'll find out next time

Love it. Discord down in the dumps for not seeing Fluttershy for so long. Could her soul be in Hitch now?

“I guess it’s partly my fault you’ve resorted to chewing pencils. I really need to invest in baby supplies. I’ve never had a child before, especially not a baby dragon. I don’t really know what you guys need or what I need to do.”

Kind of like the same situation that Twilight have when she was little taking care of Spike

“It wasn’t an insult directed at them specifically. It was about a pony named… Flutter… - Shy ?” He pronounced the name with struggle. “I think I might have translated it wrong. I’ve never heard of anypony with that name.”

A little rusty of his new ability but hey it's still kind of cool that he's using it in good use

“I’ll see them all with you…Someday…”

Her last dying words 😢

Well I would say this was a pretty emotional story here about lost 😢 so hitch was about to finish up those complaints and taking Sparky home until a female unicorn crying out for help telling him that she saw something so he checked it out and what he did not expect was this seeing Sunny carrying Discord but he has no idea what kind of creature is he and sunny is really not in the mood and told him we need to take him to the office and despite he didn't want to especially with a creature he never saw he said yes once they got to the office Sunny finally get to rest and Discord is not making any easier for her and they will both arguing it until hitch had to step in and with that Discord just decided just to sleep Sunny told him that he is the Lord of chaos from the ancient Equestria which that's really worries hitch a lot but she can confirm that he's not going to do anything but there is something hurting him and she needs to find out why the animals we're so angry at him and they're not getting any information from him so she wanted to see if any of the animals who were there but unfortunately it's too far but it looks like one animal kind of followed so he took the cats and hitch using his ability to talk with the cat to know what's going on and once he got the information from the cat they were all pretty upset when he said that Fluttershy will never come back which Sunny should have saw this coming and Discord kind of eavesdropped but he wasn't too upset about that but he is hurting and sunny really want to comfort him knowing that she knows how it feels to lose somebody you care about and despite that he told what really happened from the last day of Fluttershy and it was pretty sad to the end and despite her sickness and everything she never let that stop her but then her life was about to come to an end and she told him that she loves him and hopefully see him again and Discord didn't understand why she said that but when he was about to say it she was gone just like that and Discord was in despair and just crying his eyes out for her he had lost his first friend and the pony he cared about he basically let it all out his emotion and sunny just hug him this was a pretty good story interesting way to end it but very sad as well but nevertheless this was pretty good keep out the good work

After the crying Discord eyed Sparky with his draconic form and pony ears "No it can't be... It hatched... after all these centuries"
:moustache: A greedy dragon
:duck: A generous mare
:twilightoops: An egg head
:facehoof: That's all I need a Royal Scandal
:unsuresweetie: Scandal? Every pony in Ponyville knew, We couldn't sleep for months with all that noise...

“That’s…That’s not possible,” Panic struck the draconequus’s face. “There’s only one pony in all of Equestria who was able to do that…This…This can’t be.”

It's not a bad thing to worry about discord. :ajbemused:

Confusion and guilt batted at Sunny’s mind, unsure of what she had just done or where things went wrong. She didn’t mean to upset him. She knew he already wasn’t quite fond of her but this may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

How rude of him. :duck:

She gazed up in awe at the opossum, utterly shocked that he was able to have such a complicated thought process and express it so clearly in words without even needing to speak it physically. These animals truly were creatures worth treasuring.

They sure are. :twilightsmile:

But the creatures argued with him. They didn’t want to believe that all hope was lost. The caring spirit would someday come back for all of them, as long as they remained here waiting for her.

Nothing can last forever, and Fluttershy is one of them. :fluttershysad:

“If you can make it to Maretime Bay.” He chuckled softly.

Don't push it discord. :twilightangry2:

“This is ridiculous. The citizens of Maretime Bay aren't taking the complaint box seriously. It’s not for menial requests and solving arguments that can be helped by themselves. It’s for real dangers and problems…”

Tell me about it. :ajbemused:

“Never mind dinner , I haven’t had a single speck of food in over a millennium!” Discord complained. “You try living in an overgrown forest for a few centuries and we'll talk.”

How is he even alive if he hasn't eaten anything for that long!?!? :pinkiegasp::applejackconfused:

“Haven’t you ever heard of the element of generosity? You of all ponies should know how important it is to give your belongings to your friends.”

Don't you mean sharing? :duck:

She glanced over at the draconequus who was still resting, his arms now positioned out in front of himself to hug the baby dragon attached to his goatee. His form, his torn apart wings, his shaky stature, he hadn’t been taking care of himself. She had taken note of it when she first came across him but now it was more evident that he completely lacked any self-care for himself. It was almost like he had given up.

I feel very sorry for Discord. :fluttercry:

“How do you live after the death of somepony you loved so very much?...”

Depends on the person/pony. But for most, the pain will always be there. :pinkiesad2:

“Ponies don’t like thinking about their end all the time. It’s more like living in the moment and leaving the rest until later.”

Mhm. :twilightsmile:

“You know, with the short time I’ve known you, you have proven to be someone with great courage and compassion. Truly a rarity among your kind.” He clasped his paw and claw together. “If you are meant to be the one who comes after the Twilight era, then perhaps I have no reason to hide such delicate information from you.”

Agreed. :ajsmug:

Why didn’t he have the power to reverse this? Why couldn’t he have simply snapped and made her all better? Why did the most deserving and kind pony in all his life have to die such a cruel and ruthless death?...

That's how life is. Living beings are born everyday and die everyday. :fluttershysad:

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