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Discord and Serenity go to Starbits and Discord decides whether she likes it or not. She probably does.

A one-shot Christmas Gift / Writing Trade for my friendo, Serenity! I hope you like this silly little idea x3

Please note that this Discord has she/her pronouns and is an AU version of canon Discord. If you don't approve, I don't care.

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In a small garden overrun by many flowers sits a slender tall creature, kneeled at the base of a flourishing tree. Its pink petals drift through the air and land in his long silver hair as he mourns the lovely yellow pegasus, Fluttershy.


A different take on the G5 comics issue.

This story includes Fluttercord angst and largely inspired off of Sandy's G5 Fluttercord comic. Fluttershy is tagged however she doesn't necessarily physically appear in this story as she has already passed on and simply recalled.

My take on Discord here is slightly different to the way he appears in the current issue just for my own reasoning and personal preference. If you don't like depressed Discord then this story most likely isn't for you.

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This story deals with heavy topics, I would not recommend reading if you're easily disturbed.

In the world of Ifera ByFlame, the sun and moon move on there own and its princesses, Princess Aphrodite and Princess Regalia observe the realm stilly. However, when an ancient evil long sealed centuries ago is reawakened by a unsuspecting innocent, Ifera ByFlame is in major threat of being consumed by fire and unstoppable death.

"His mind clouded by turmoil and darkness, he vowed to strike the one down who threatened to change his reality and unleash her power upon him. Neither friend or foe, she remained in a conflicting stance of whether to bring down torment or embrace the lost soul."

Cover art drawn by Noodlezss

This is a rewritten version of a story me and a former best friend worked on for almost two years before things hit the fan with him and I. I was a co-writer of the story therefore it still has right to me as it does to him. A lot of the concepts are reworked and reimagined with my own ideas. Consider this an emotional piece that talks of feelings I'm not truly able to physically speak. Hopefully someday I'll look back at this in a much better mind space and be proud.

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Just a simple blue scarf that had been worn many times before and used for the purpose it was made for. An accessory, to keep the chill off one's neck, and shared with me by a friend. But its previous owner has already vanished and I'm left with a piece of something that no longer belongs to me. This scarf now only represents the lost dreams and hopes that I once wished for with him.

I wrote this story as a bit of a tribute to a broken friendship I got out of recently. If you don't understand, I wouldn't necessarily question it but rather just appreciate the story for it is. It's not meant to be over thought but rather just a way for me to dump my conscious and its memories.

Cover art created by Noodlezss.

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Things haven't exactly been going your way lately and it seems the ones around you have started to notice, including Discord. Although the draconequus isn't known for being "feelsy" or "cuddly", he decides to have a talk with you and help out in his own Discordy way.

I know a lot of people are struggling right now and I thought this might cheer them up a little. Especially for people who just need that little pick me up from their favorite character. ^^ Even if this didn't help your problems entirely that your experiencing right now, I hope I made your day just a little brighter!

Proof read and edited by my friend Noodlezss. Thank you so much for that!

This is my first fanfic I've written in second person and I was inspired to do so after reading Fluttershy's Whispers. Which by the way, you should totally read because it's absolutely adorable!

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It was not that long ago that Sunset Shimmer was crowned a new princess of Equestria. Her mentor, Princess Celestia believes she is ready to be a leader and has proven on multiple occasions she is the true Princess of Friendship. Sunset is quite unsure herself but with her friends alongside her, she's sure she will prevail.

"Doesn't this story sound familiar?..I know it does to me.."

Entry for the Swapped Roles contest.

Cover art done by Noodlezss

Wow, I got featured again! Featured 6/27/2021

My story has now been judged for the contest and ranked so I’ve turned off comments now. I’m not interested in having to listen to more drama. This story will be continued with better explanation to it then this one-shot because I see it’s problems and I think it deserves better but that’s about it. Please respect my decision.

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While Twilight and her friends many trips to Canterlot Castle, Fluttershy decides to stray away into the castle gardens for a little while and comes across a rather interesting statue that somehow has a conscious and can talk.

This takes place before the episode The Return of Harmony and a alternate story where Fluttershy finds out about Discord earlier than canon MLP.

Featured 6/20/2021! My first time getting featured WOAH

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While the Lord of Chaos still thinks all these little pony holidays are useless, he decides to celebrate Hearth's Warming with his marefriend, Trixie despite his own opinions. However, the night takes a very unexpected turn of events when he notices his lover has gone missing!

Contains Trixiecord shipping ;)

If the creator of the cover art for this fanfic would not like me to use their art, please contact me and I'll remove it immediately.

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This story is a sequel to Never Accept Defeat

Trixie and Starlight, thought to be the best of friends suddenly barely see each other at all. This worries Starlight greatly. Does Trixie hate her and this is her way of saying she never wants to see her again? The unicorn decides to investigate and finds out something rather interesting she would have never expected from her friend.

Contains Trixiecord ;)

Art done by my friend FloofyPon

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Discord is asked to return Trixie's hat back to her and comes across a rather difficult situation he wasn't exactly prepared for. Even after being a reformed draconequus, there are still some lessons to be learned in both friendship and empathy..Perhaps romance as well..

Please note that this story takes places before Twilight becomes the official ruler of Equestria and leaves Ponyville to live in Canterlot.

Contains Trixicord Shipping ;)

Thank you to Antonia for making the cover art for this as well! 💜

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