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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Dash Confesses Her Love to You

You've been going through a tough time lately. Every day you come home exhausted and hurt, and your mind is at its all-time limit. The only recluse you have is in Fluttershy, your loving, caring girlfriend.

During a restless sleeping fit one night, you're aware of her voicing her true feelings to you.

Now with an audio recording by LolidereBrony

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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Dash Confesses Her Love to You.

Wait a minute...

This is meant to be a series. You can pick any one you want. Heh heh. I should have, um, made that clearer.

Human in Equestria

A human with Autistic/Asperger come/fall in Equestria

I made a mistake in adding it to groups. You can delete it.

*begins counting down to the inevitable feature box debut*

All kidding aside, this is a very...unique writing style. It doesn't have quite the same effect as an ASMR, but it's pretty close.

Oh, there's one more thing I need to tell you...

Luna. Same style. Make it happen.

That was really sweet, and I could see her doing that.

I was hoping I could wake up before you one morning. Where I could… snuggle up behind you...and hug you tightly… and whisper to you. When I know that some part of you is still listening.

Listen, I know… that you've had a bad time lately. Things have looked really awful for you. I hope I haven't annoyed you by asking what I can do to help. And every time you say no, I get so… saddened. It even makes me angry… seeing you go through this and not being able to do a thing.

Oh Fluttershy:fluttershysad:.

Sweet Celestia, I want to just step in and… make everything right for you. I might not be able to fix your problem… but I am here for you. You know that? I hope you do.

Whether it's someone you want to vent to… or a shoulder to cry on… whether you want to come home to a warm shower, a roaring fireplace, and a hot meal… or just, heehee, ice cream and cuddling… Even if all you want to do is just yell at me. Scream at me. I'm here for that. Bring it on. If it'll make you feel better, I'll do it. Just tell me. Please.

I am here for you. You and me, we're in this. Together. Because you are my person.

You are his Pegasus:heart:.

You have no idea of just how amazing you actually are. You're sweet. You're kind… I can't even put into words how kind you are! You're brave. You're funny. You're the cutest thing… And you have so many talents, I don't think I've discovered them all! I don't have as many as you do!

Heck, you even ate leftovers! Five times this week! I… I've got to make it up to you. That hay fettuccini was a disaster, but you got rid of it anyway! Gosh, I… I don't know what to say...

Don't need to say anything, except those three little words:rainbowkiss:.

Every time I tell you these things, though, you always shrug me off and say you aren't the great person I see in you! So… that's why I waited until now. When some part of your subconscious is still listening to me whisper them. That way you'll know for certain just how much I see in you.

You're going to have a hard fight ahead of you. It will be tough. You'll bleed and bruise. But you will come out on top, I know it! And when you do… you'll be stronger.

And you don't have to fight alone. I want to be there bleeding with you, bruising in the same places as you. I promised I would stay by your side until the end. What kind of pony would I be if I gave up on you?

I will fight by your side. I'm not a damsel in distress you have to save. I want to be your sword and shield instead. Why won't you let me?

Because he wants to be it instead:pinkiesad2:.

But maybe it's because you don't know how that's like… because no one has ever done it for you before.

Or that too:ajsleepy:.

There really are people in this new world who will love you. Me. Rainbow Dash. Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie, Applejack, all of us. We're all so blessed to have you in our lives. The reason we rarely say so is because we don't know how to put into words just how much you mean to us.

Yes, you've made mistakes. I don't care. I'll say it again. I don't care! We all make mistakes! I once made the mistake of putting on multiple personalities in order to run Rarity's boutique. That… wasn't a good idea. I also became a model for Rarity's sake, all those years back. I always thought people expected the best out of me. So I continually pushed myself to the bleeding point, the edge of my sanity, trying to be good enough.

You already are Fluttershy, and so are the others:pinkiesad2:/

But you… you are good enough! You've already reached that accomplishment. There's no point in pushing yourself ever harder, thinking we don't love you.

Because I do love you. With all my heart, I do love you, my precious person. You may think you're too imperfect for my love, but I swear that isn't the case. You are perfect as you are.

And that's why I'm going to hug you from behind… gently, so you don't get hurt… and leave kisses on your shoulder…

*peck* *peck* *peck*


...I'll play with your hair… wow, your hair is so smooth… I could stroke you all day long and never get tired. I'll… do anything for you. I'll cook your favorite meals. I'll talk to you after your day, each and every day. I want to know how you are. Seeing you hurt makes me hurt as well… I… I'll even give you baths… hee hee, I still remember how you almost jumped out of the tub when I accidentally walked in on you that one time! And now look at us! I'll rub the soap into your skin and make those cute noises you really, really like… all for you...

...and I'll just keep on asking you how I can make your life better. You've made mine so much better for just… being here with me. I want to do more for you. Because… I'm still a little in the same boat myself.

You can get through this. What chance does your problem have against you? It's trying to take down YOU! It's an impossible effort!

Even the impossible can be possible:twilightsmile:.

Ah, here you come around. About time. I wanted to see…

...that beautiful smile of yours!


Ah… Good morning, sleepyhead. How did you sleep?

A good dream, huh? I hoped you had one. I've worked hard to make it so.

Oh, it's nothing you'd understand. Forget about it.

I-if you don't mind… we've got a bit of time. You woke up pretty early. So, um… stay down for a little. Work doesn't start for three hours. Stay with me. Stay by my side…

There's nothing to worry about now… my perfect little human…

I've got you.

And she will never let you go:scootangel:.

This was sweet.

Humans x ponies are too exotic/sensual a subject. Please reconsider.

Jeez...I got hit in the feels on this one...almost like if Fluttershy was speaking to me directly...good job. :twilightsmile:

That was pretty good. Fluttershy sure knows how to soothe the soul.

This is really amazing! I love it! This one is very touching and special, probably the best one so far. :twilightsmile:

She's special to me. I put in a bit more focus with her than the others.

I will fight by your side. I'm not a damsel in distress you have to save. I want to be your sword and shield instead. Why won't you let me?

... that's actually a side I'd like to see explored, to be honest. There's a story in there. I'm not a big Fluttershy fan (more of a Twilight creep ;P), but that Fluttershy, the one who's silently strong for someone, and really steps out of her comfort zone to defend what (and who) she believes in?

That I'd read.

Hell, an interesting format might be a dual-side sort of story, alternating between the actual events (as seen by the guy) and Fluttershy's inner thoughts and struggles - eventually peaking with her inner self merging for the key moments with her outer self, combining the narrative for the epic (well, for a certain definition of "epic" - Flutters taking a stand with conviction is epic every time) clashes...

It really felt like she was talking to me...

Thanks! I've been wanting this for years <3

I'm happy to have made you happy! I've made plenty others, in case you need your next fix. (A play on words for 'fics.')

Mmmm. Wrapped up in Fluttershy's wings. In a nice warm bed. Beautiful green-blue eyes looking at me.

Oh my gosh.....this is so beautiful. It really is just like she's speaking to you. I identify with Fluttershy the most out of all the Mane Six, being paralyzingly shy myself, and just....hearing her say these wonderfully beautiful things just made my day. :heart:

Bless fluttershy’s heart.

for me i hear Sunset Shimmer/Rebecca schoichet's voice.

I did a recording of this as Fluttershy! https://youtu.be/Lx0vLWYrw2A

Oh, my goodness. I'm humbled. Thank you for sharing this with me. And it means a lot to me knowing I touched you this much.

it is a lovely story! <3

You want to read more similar stories? I have plenty.

You're going to have a hard fight ahead of you. It will be tough. You'll bleed and bruise. But you will come out on top, I know it! And when you do… you'll be stronger.

Considering literally the ONLY OC I have is a Saiyan and I put him in everything, this statement couldn’t be more true


You read my mind!

And inspiration has struck after reading this.

Also, sweet freaking Luna! That was so sweet and adorable it's beyond words! :heart:

Would you mind if I read this for my youtube channel?

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