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Rainbow Dash has invited you over for a lazy night at her house. How will she spill her secrets to you tonight?

Introducing: a 2nd-person story with only Rainbow Dash's lines to you for a truly immersive experience. If there was such a thing as literary ASMR, this is it.

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Adorable. :rainbowkiss:

Nice! Very unique.

Wow, unreal... My gosh...

You were? Eh. Can't complain. Everyone wants to have a movie night. I will also offhandedly ignore your intrusion into my cloud house. Wha-Hey! I know that sounds nerdy! I just...learned that word from the latest Daring Do book. Where she intruded into Ahuizotl's ancient lair to recover the Emerald of the Future. It's...it's not nerdy. At all. Pssh.

Oh it is most certainly nerdy Dash:rainbowlaugh:!!! Well...maybe a little:ajsmug:.

Scoot your boot. Make some room for me on the sofa. Mama had a long day trying to locate some idiot's training record file in Wonderbolt HQ, and I swear, I'm going to need a lot of chocolate to make up for it!

You already fetched the snacks? Aww yeah! This is why you're my friend, dude. If I didn't know you better, I'd say you were a guardian. A divine guardian of the junk food! Aaaahhhh! So holyyyy! Descending from the sky like a chocolate-dipped angel! Ha ha! Ahem. I mean, gimme the chocolate pretzels.

...But enough about me. How was, ah, your day? Anything particularly exciting or awesome happen, or…?

No he just came to see you:pinkiesmile:.

...Oh...you had one of those days, huh? Aww, don't worry! It's no biggie! Ponies always have bad days! Just forget about all of that work stress and relax! Have some fun for once! Ya big ol' dork.

Ha ha! Don't get your tail in a twist over that! At least it isn't worse. You want me to do worse? Hey, hey, I was kidding! Kidding! Yeesh. You're reminding me of Rarity. You take everything so seriously.

What's that supposed to mean? Just because I never take anything seriously doesn't mean you have to make up for it! If you chillax, you instantly become 20% cooler! You do want to be cool, right?

Anyone would want to be cool with you Dash:ajsmug:.

Aww, don't look at me like that! You're the coolest friend I know of!...No, that's not sarcasm! You really are! Your only problem is, you're too hard on yourself!

Now come on. Help me pick the movie tonight. We got Attack of the Killer Carrots...The Strange Case of Doctor Weirdo...Serendipity?! Hold on, who put that into the movie stack? This is supposed to be a horror movie bundle!

Huh?...Ha! You're right! I would get scared at kissy-kissy romance crud! You know me...too well...I guess…

You would HATE it:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Ahem. Well, uh, which of these have you seen?

You're right. Killer carrots sounds like something Fluttershy would get scared of. And Angel would just eat 'em up, no problemo. You've seen that bunny. You know what kind of ungodly evil power he has in him. Carrots are out. Serendipity is definitely out. Doctor Weirdo it is, then.

Did you get a blanket?

No? No worry. I'll just speed up and get my own in three seconds flat.

See? Three. Seconds. Flat. Just a sec, aaand bam! One optimal blanket for warming ourselves up! Lemme plop down.

Always having that need for speed Dash:ajsmug:.

Mmm...you know, you're really hot.

Dgah, wha-? I-I meant your temperature! Like, if I lean on you, like this, you'd be really warm! That's all I meant! Really!

Whooah! Hey, that's really...tight! Stop hugging me so tight! You'll pop my eyes out! Aahhh...that's better.

You know...I could actually just stay like this. Kinda leaned up on ya. It's like hugging a big ol' warm marshmallow. That's what you are. A poofy, warm, big ol' sweet marshmallow.

A big sweet marshmallow...:raritystarry:.

No, of course you don't have any say in this! Where else are you gonna go, anyway? Just relax! Stay right here. Watch this B-list movie with me around your shoulders.

Wait, really?...I-I mean, of course you'd stay around the totally awesome Rainbow Dash! Okay. Now. Just leeean back and let's enjoy the movie...

…*yawn*...Boy, it's getting late. You feel it? I feel it.

Can you feel the love tonight~?

The peace the evening brings

A world for once

in perfect harmony

love is living things

Want some more pretzels? No? How about some soda? I could always use some more sugar to stay alert, and soda is always the best bet...no? Just tired?

All right. I got it. Here, rest your head in my lap.

No, it's not a weirdo thing! I'm just...poofy. Real poofy. You want something poofy to rest your thick head on, right? You're gonna like this. I promise.

Hey, hey! When have I ever made a bad promise to you? Don't worry. I gotcha. I'll never let you down. Never.

That's it. Very nice. You can watch the movie like this, right? Good.

So cozy:rainbowkiss:. Not THAT Cozy:rainbowlaugh:!!!

...Yeah, I'm playing with your hair. It's just there. Waiting for me to curl it. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it, punk? Ha ha ha-!


...That's my leg! Stop rubbing iiit~! Y-you don't have any right to do this! You're the one in my control!

I knew it! You're too tired to continue! Victory is miiine! Mwu ha ha ha!

...I mean, uh, just ignore that.

Typical Dash:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Mmm...just hush. You're being tense. I can feel it in your body. Pretend...you're melting. Pretend you're a fluffy cloud or something. And I'm the weatherpony that's gonna mold and knead you into a cirrus cloud. Just...droop down or something.

Ah, that's it. You can handle this...right…?

...Oh, my gosh, did you just fall asleep? Don't jostle, Rainbow! You might wake him up.

And no time for some solo thing on how to confess:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

Mmmhmmmggmggh! Oh, my gosh! This is, like, the most awkward I've ever felt. I can't move. It's like I've got a cat on my lap. The cutest, softest, most loveable little kitty I've ever met!

Huh...now that I think about it, this is the perfect time. He's asleep. He doesn't have to hear this. So I can just...confess. Everything. And he won't even know!

Look, for the last...I dunno how long...I've had feelings for you. When we were first friends, I didn't think much of you. I admit. But lately...it's been more than that.

A lot more:rainbowkiss::heart:!!!

I've started to sing along to sappy romance songs, of all things. And I keep you in my mind as I sing them. And I cuddle my pillow at night, thinking it's you.

I've daydreamed about you and me stargazing on a clear night, high up on a single cloud. There'd be nothing on any side of us to obstruct our view. Just you, me, and the heavens above and beneath us. I think you might have noticed I have my head up in the clouds a lot more often, huh? Heh heh. It's...well, because…you're the best. I've fallen for you.

And fallen hard:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

I really wasn't kidding when I said you're the most awesome friend I had. You are. And you need to realize just how awesome you really are to me. I...man, this is sounding stupid.

Ugh, listen to me rambling on and on and ON! Like Twilight or something. Okay. Okay, okay, okay. I can do this. He's asleep. Oh my gosh, he's wiggling! No, no, no! Stay asleep!

Whew. Man, he's out like a log. Okay, Rainbow. No pressure. All I have to do is just say it.

I suppose what I'm trying to get at here, with all this, is...

...I love you.


*eep* Oh, my gosh, you just woke up. Aaand you heard that.

Psshh. Whaaat? Naww. Stop kidding. Of course I wasn't talking about you. It was about Doctor Weirdo talking to his...deceased wife, or something.

Well, yeah, he's not on screen anymore. You missed it-


...Y-y-you l-like me too?

Uh...heh heh...oooohhh man~!

...For how long?

That long, huh? Gosh, you've really held this in for a while, haven't you? That...must have been hard. I should know.

Sooo...does this mean we're a thing now? I don't know how these kinds of relationships work. I know that when we say we both like each other, that's a green card to do cuddly things. But I don't know how to go about starting them. Do you start them? Do I? Are we just-Mmm!

Just shut up so he can kiss you:rainbowlaugh:!!!





Uh...okay, so that was the best thing ever. Heh heh heh. Ha. Hoo! Boy, um...I need a drink. No, not cider! Water, ya dingus!

I figured you'd want cider:rainbowlaugh:!!!

But to stand up, it means I have to let go of you...nuuuu…

Ugh. I guess I'll do it.

You wait for me on the couch, okay? I'll be right back!

I'm baaaaaaaack! Whoo! I'm light as a feather! I feel like I could just jump up and down and up and down! Is this how Pinkie Pie feels?

...Holy crap, what the heck just happened? I know what happened! But did that really just happen? I want it to be! Shut up for just a sec, you hottie! I'm talking!

Yes! I did kiss you! I did! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my goooooooosssshhh!!! Eeeeeeee! I'm your girlfriend! I can't believe this! All this time I've been dreaming about it and IT'S FINALLY HEEEERE!

Totally awesome:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

...Does this mean we can kiss again?

What do you think:ajsmug:?

Can you make this a series, putting different canonically single ponies in RD's place and changing up some of the details to go along with each pony?

I'll give it a whirl!

That was really nice. Do you plan on doing one for all the main six? Because I'd love to see one with Pinkie or Twilight.

*see comment above yours.

Oh, well I should have paid more attention.

Huh?...Ha! You're right! I would get scared at kissy-kissy romance crud! You know me...too well...I guess…


'Cause I have a number of suggestions, including but not limited to:

  • Applejack
  • Autumn Blaze
  • Octavia
  • Vinyl Scratch
  • Nurse Redheart
  • Somnambula (assuming her original coltfriend is long dead)
  • Saffron Masala
  • The Flower Trio (individually or together)
  • Starlight Glimmer
  • Trixie Lulamoon
  • Limestone Pie
  • Marble Pie
  • Cheerilee
  • Torque Wrench (I'm assuming you've seen Rainbow Road Trip when name-dropping her and the next one)
  • Kerfuffle

When I suggested he make it a series, I didn't mean only the Mane 6, see below.

I'll see what I can do. The list is extensive. I won't guarantee every pony will be hit. But I will do my best, I swear.

Trust me, it could be at least slightly more extensive.

This is a unique story.I like it! :twilightsmile:

I dig the unique style. Entire story told through one-sided dialogue. Was actually very nice and went farther than I ever thought it could.

I liked it when she said dingus. Nice.

More. And more.
And MoAR

There's a sequel with Fluttershy. I'm making this a series.

id love to see Trixie or adagio dazzle

This was done really well! I love how unique this is, and how it was written! :pinkiehappy:

I really loved Rainbow in this, she was adorable! :raritystarry:

Yes! Make more! Please! This is a gift to this hell porn filled website!

Audio Stimulatory something something.

I liked this. A lot. You get a thumbs up from me. 👍

Your commentary is pretty amusing.

I have more stories just like it. Please, try them out!

Hey, attack of the killer carrots, it’s what the sequel to attack of the killer tomatoes should have been. (Makes sense if you ever watched the movie).


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rainbow Dash trying so hard to be Pinkie Pie before. Very out of character, but amusing nonetheless.

Hey, thanks for reading and commenting. You made my day!

I never thought Rainbow Dash 🌈would love romance. This is a cute story.:rainbowlaugh:

Aww, thanks! Please, check out my sequels with the other Mane Six!

This is adorable and a very unique way of writing a story.
Nice work :twilightsmile:

"Literary ASMR"

Now I'm picturing the audio version of this by the Pony ASMR YT channel. Eh, I wouldn't complain. :twilightsmile:

This is really good! :twilightsmile:

I'll be honest, it could be touched up in places, but it's a nice, heartwarming idea.

Liked and favorited!

Heh nice, Dashie would be the coolest GF. ^^

So, was Dash massaging "me" as I reste?

to rest your thick head on

Subtle, Dash. ;]

Rainbow Dash, your belly button is showing.

And it's super cute!

9812772imagine if in the story, "I" decided to lay on Rainbow Dash's lap facing the other way!

There needs to be an ASMR vid of this, or just a FimFic reading in general!

I could ask the same guys who did a reading of another story of mine. They might be willing to help.

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