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You are going to LOVE ME!



This story is a sequel to Fluttershy's Whispers

Pinkie Pie is unlike any other pony in Ponyville. Hyper, energetic, funny, bubbly, and cute, she got your attention from the instant you arrived. And the more you paid attention, the more you noticed about her.

One day, your feelings reach a breaking point. You have to tell her. And at Sugarcube corner, Pinkie Pie's life--and yours--will be changed forever.

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I love it

This is adorable. :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad to know you think so.
As in, you covet this story?

This was really cute, good work :twilightsmile: The whole concept behind these "choose-your-own-answers" stories you've written is very, very interesting, and like I said, it's pretty damn cute!

Meant to say I love it

That was cute and I love Pinkie, just always so happy and dose what she can to make others happy.


As in, you covet this story?

Thou shall not covet thy fellow fan's fanfic.

I did not mean that

I know. I was making a joke.

It's a Pinkie Pie fanfic, after all. Jokes are obligatory.

I don’t seem to understand jokes

I have to admit, I’m beginning to like these stories of yours

Everyone likes my stories!

Except for the people who don't. But we don't talk about them.

I am extraordinarily humble. Can't you tell? :trollestia:

Um, suuuuuuure. I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm :twilightsheepish:

It is. I am a very self-deprecating author. And a very silly one.

Are you going to do a romantic one shot with each of the Mane Six?

I was planning on it.

This was erratic and just random.

Much like the elusive pony it's based upon.

Pinkamena is indeed quite the character.

Sweet like candy yet with unbreakable spirit.

Much like a rock.

Added to my collections.

...I think I like you already, Maud.

That is indeed a "Bunch" of good news.

As you can see, I also have a sense of humor.

...Physics? What are those? Are they edible? Breakable? *gasp!* Maybe they're the laws of science!

That’s Pinkie Pie in one sentence.

That was beautiful.

Also, after you’re done with the Mane Six, can you do other ponies?

Yup. Already got one of them done.


It's all coming to an end, and even though she's probably my exact opposite and not my waifu, I can't live without Pinkie episodes and fics.

have you though of doing Trixie? human sunset shimmer? adagio dazzle?

id love an a adagio dazzle one for my birthday in two months


Silly and good. Thumbs up.

This one is definitely really good! I love it! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Pinkie Pie is always funny. This story made me laugh.:pinkiehappy:

...Physics? What are those? Are they edible? Breakable? *gasp!* Maybe they're the laws of science!

Look, the fact is, I know the laws of science. I simply choose to ignore them.

Love this. So. Dang. Much.

PP is such a cutie!!

It's great to read these stories but in the end I just realize how alone I am

I know, right? It sucks.

Just the right amount of adorableness for Pinkie.
It has its silly moments, but it's very heartwarming at times, too.
Just like everypony's favorite pastry chef. :pinkiehappy:

We all want a girl like Pinkie in our lives.

This one is on the casa! That's Prench for "free".

That's not French, silly Pinkie [insert smiley faces here].

I was going to write a comment congratulating you on making a heartwarming story, because you did. I love this, along with the other stories I've read from you thus far. You capture the characterisation so well, and it makes my heart melt!

But I need to highlight this...

All in all, it can be tough, being the funny friend. No one actually knows the kinds of stress it puts on ponies like me and you. After a long day of making other people feel un-alone, we come home and we go to bed… alone…

Is it weird that this hit me hard? I'm kind of the silly friend when I'm with the right people and I find a lot of truth in this. I never thought about it this way before but it is the case: after making people feel less alone, we go home and proceed to be alone for the night. It can hurt, especially for bubbly cuddlebugs like myself (and Pinkie, in this case), to find themselves alone after expending their energy being happy with their friends.

Idk, maybe I'm looking way too deep into all of this, but it made me think. I loved this story, not just for that, but also the way Pinkie reacts when she finds out you like her back. Absolute top-tier cuteness right there. Thanks for making me smile tonight.

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