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Trixie is the best stage performer you have ever seen in Equestria since your arrival. Her flamboyancy, sassy attitude, and grandiose shows overwhelmed you the first time, and you never get enough of it. It comes to a head one day when you decide to check up on her after a show.

Turns out, Trixie may need you more than she lets on.

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Comments ( 12 )

I'd laugh, if Trixie actually had a spell that could turn a person into a body pillow for real.

This is really good! One of the best ones yet! :twilightsmile:

Feel free to laugh at amusing moments, my… large audience.


Did she just call us fat?

I like this one. Who’s next?

Vinyl Scratch

You know, it just occurred to me...this marks your 25th story!

No, large in quantity. Except it isn't.

That was my interpretation.

I thought she was referring to our height.

She is. That was the intended interpretation.

So, why diverge from the obvious interpretation?

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