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This story is a sequel to Alternate Beginnings: Year Five

Life is a precious thing, as the mares of Herd Apple know well; two new members are on the way, and the debate rages as to whether they should continue adding more, either foals or mares.

Reading of previous books is not required, though some events from earlier years may be referenced.

Set Approximately two years before the events of MLP:FiM

Sex tag is for relationships between human and ponies (no clop)

Previous Years:
Alternate Beginnings: Year Five

Continued in:
Alternate Beginnings: Year Seven

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Great way to start the new story with that quote. Now I wonder how many people will be saying for the rest of the day?

so the prince isn't a complete dick and i'm happy about that

How many years will this story series have?

Seven, at which point it will line up with the beginning of MLP:FiM. I will likely do another series continuing the story from there.

Perhaps not at the same breakneck pace, but it is easier to write when it's on a specific topic / plot line, if I'm just following the show.

Comment posted by Flufffy deleted Sep 14th, 2018

I think Starlight Glimmer would be a good fit, once she reforms to partner with Blueblood. Octavia would be a good choice as well, if she swings that way.

i can see those but I think it woulf be funny if the prince ended up with Vynl

this chapter was just a massive refrence and i love it

I'm curious how many people will catch the reference that isn't in the movie itself.


To what? I do wonder what they are currently hunting and how it is going to taste.

you know i never learned the name of the movie only that i saw it at my cousins house awhile ago

The movie is The Princess Bride. The reference in question is in chapter 2

well we can safly say that ponies don't care for jerky made out of pest

i swear you are just using this story to tell fun facts

Now I wonder if getting a Cutie Mark will help the foals in the herd the most? I think the next few years will be about the herds personal growth as they start looking deeper at what how the foals are growing up.

That would be a fun chapter in the future to see how Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom’s Cutie Mark’s play out in their lives.

that does bring up a good point will their cutie marks help their magic

huh i thought she would at least bargin for friends with benifits

Honestly it's good to see doug interacting with the foal. Now if would teach them about some of their human traits. I feel they are struggling so badly because the forget they are hybrids and not full ponies. Really sad foals is a little bit depressing. Any good chapter I can't wait to see more and I can't wait to see what happens when we finally get to the beginning of the show

Maybe if Sunset returns she could join, if they are still taking applicants. Then again we all know book pony is about to arrive.

please be lyra please be lyra please be lyra

this just seems like a filler arc no offence but nothing much is happening

I like this silver spoon and Diamond Tiara

Oh man, realized just now that every time I said Ms. Cake, I (probably) should have been using her maiden name Chiffon Swirl, or Ms. Swirl. Though other names are Mrs. Cup Cake. Welp, off to edit everything. Whoops!

Wow it is interesting to see how friendly Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are in this story. I wonder if they will have a falling out sometime that would explain their feud during the show?

Now I am wondering how long ponies live? If what amounts to 5 year olds are able to get simple jobs I wonder just how old Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, and Fluttershy are? Keep in mind Pinkie‘s boss is still single, although Mr. Cake should be turning up soon.

I peg the ponies to live a little less than that the average human, which is to say retiring around fifty, normal lifespans in the seventies. The main difference, I figure, is that the ponies age, from birth to adulthood, between two and three times as quickly as humans. So, the CMC are late middle/early high school 'age' at the start of the show (similar to EG though the mane six are much older). I think that once they get their cutie mark, but maybe waiting until after they go through a teenager phase, which lasts about a year or two (see Applejack in Where the Apple Lies, or Ms. Cheerilee), then they really start taking on full time jobs. Younger than that is just small before and after school type jobs.

I peg the Mane 6 as fifteen when Book One starts, early twenties when the show starts. That is, a tad old by pony terms as far as when they are starting a family, though a lot of that depends at what point in history you are talking about. Today? Thirty years old with their first kid is normal. Two hundred years ago? That thirty year old could be a grandmother and no one would bat an eye.

I am planning on making a blog post that compiles a lot of the headcanon and assumptions I make, probably publishing once I finish with the series. Maybe earlier.

oh man those fillies are adorable and well writen but doug could use some personality maybe write a chapter where he's just having a bad day nothing like everything goes wrong but whee its a normal day and he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed


It would be interesting if the ponies where to find out it is possible for humans to live over a century then.

Well it looks like the lesson about accepting Zecora will be happening soon. Now I wonder how Doug will react to the knock off of Dr. Jones?

A Timber wolf has been here soon,


i never look forward to reading this story when it updates because it kinda feels rushed but once i start reading i can't stop

wel this was a nice chapter to stop following on sorry but this book just the most out their and least consistent i will still follow the series but I have to stop following this book because its just not what i signed on for

Great they are war gaming the arrival of Nightmare Moon. I see that it looks like the Elements of Harmony are not in play according to the game. Now how will the Elements affect the game in the future.


You did not just do that!!!

Excuse me but Applejack and the rest of the heard would never forgive her if she actually did.

Yeah. Even if this was, I dunno, a nightmare, I don't see any forgiveness here. This is the kind of stuff that makes even the nicest people want to cut someone's throat. You do not hurt family and expect to get away with it if said family gets your ass in range.

You did not just do that doug how can you kill innocent foals so casually that's just harsh it brought tears to my eyes cause I have foals and I wouldn't allow anything happen to them so why are you being a sick twisted b*****d.

Edited the author's notes to include spoilers. I probably should have from the start, but it kinda kills the cliffhanger. Sorry for any undue concern.


Wow that was ... ... ... harsh...

However I can totally see NIGHTMARE Moon using her penchant for illusions in order to inflict pain like that. It's also a way to hurt Celestia for being so 'weak'.

This was a good way to get Doug out of the way for the elements of harmony quest though.

Also - I just had the worst thought! What if Nightmare Moon added even more pain by taking the fillies and foals with her?! And they show up after she's defeated hmm?

Why would he think of sharing his girls with another male? You know what don't answer this damn question I'm not going to get a right answer.

Imagine, for a moment, you have a genetic disorder that cripples you, in a non-lethal way. Say, born with no arms. It's dominant, so you have a fifty percent chance of passing it on to your children, and no genetic testing is available.

Your choices:
Have no kids
Have kids and A: hope for the best, living with the results.
B: kill off the kids if they have the syndrome
Find a third party for your wife to have kids with

Now, I'm not positing one option as better than the others. Different cultures might answer the question differently. But I think it would be worse to not have the discussion at all.

Sorry I answered you anyway. There is no 'right' answer in a situation like this, it's terrible no matter which option you pick.

I dislike the colors of the rainbow, yes I'm judgmental.

Dude, Saw vibes again, this felt like the ending of Saw 1 to a degree, the original Hello Zepp was just all too fitting as well SHUDDER

Lol. I'd show them some sass, and squatchiness probably.

Hah. Little does Cabbie know that another extradimensional alien with some knowledge of another world just fell off the waterfall.

You got my hate for this one. Stop ✋

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