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Welcome to the "Christian Bronies" Group!

This is a place for Christian Bronies to have multiple discussions on what it means to be a Christ follower in a group of people who, more often than not, do not believe in and/or Christ, and also a place to just worship freely. Tell us about how Christ is working in your life, bring us prayer requests, talk about your struggles, whatever you want to bring forward in a Christian setting.

If you do not follow Christ, you are more than welcome to come and chat with us. Question us, challenge us, or just hang out and talk pony without the vulgarity that can come from this fandom. We're not exclusive here. :twilightsmile:

-Group Founder, primalcorn1

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.Mark 12:31

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Hallelujah! Praise the Lord that he saved you! That's such a powerful testimony.

Hey guys, any Catholics here? Anybody in the SSPX or FSSP?

Hello, I just found this group and I’m very interested. Hope I can help, this is the first group I joined.

Side Note: I am a Christian in a church-school. Bless the Lord Almighty. May God help you all.

I, a very happily atheist, am tempted to do an AmA/Civil debate in a forum. Not to cause Discord but to just have interesting conversations about belief and opinions and such.

I figured it could be interesting

If anyone is interested tell me so!

Yeah well, you're a religious zealot and a fascist. Is Adolf Hitler your hero?

I used to hate God. I used to force religious confrontations/"debates" with Christians and rile them up for laughs. I always had fancied myself as "the edgy guy", whilst going out of my way to make more enemies than friends. I used to mock and berate Christians for having faith, and I prided myself in being a truly awful person. That being said, I was also wholly lost and broken, addicted to dopamine, nicotine, pornography, alcohol, and self loathing. Had I not deleted most things on this account, anyone could go back and see the things I put up on this website and they would get a very clear idea of the kind of person In was.

That was up until about 2 years ago, a few months before the coronavirus hit the U.S., when I had reached my end and went out of my way to seek the good Lord. Like in Matthew 7:7, "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you", He responded in kind and saved me. He's made himself real to me in so many ways, that I can't even begin to describe it. Since then, I've found a wonderful church to become a part of, and while I've made some progress in my faith, the Lord knows I still have a lot of growing yet to do. Yet still, I know that He's growing me into the kind of man that He had designed me to be in the first place.

All I can say is Hallelujah! Christ is King, forever!

Well I hope it does work out for you but if it doesn't at least you have the memories.

yeah, i totally understand that too. sometimes there are just to many differences. that's why its good to know this kind of stuff. if the emotion of it has changed then their needs to be descution about it. if things are too different its best not waist your time. I got lucky but it doesn't mean everyone else did.

don't worry though, you'll find someone some day

I dated a girl who was an atheist we dated for five years and it seemed great but when when I brought up kids she would always change topic. when if was a good time I asked her to marry me but she refused she didn't want to marry me when I asked her why she said that she never wants to have kids now after that we got into an argument and are relationship ended after. she did seem like a ride or die but we disagreed on kids and so many other thing.

I hate to say it but something will come along eventually

I mean there is a lot in my relationship that we don't fundamentals agree on. We are both politically different parties. I'm center, he's left. My entire family is right wing. Morally there is a lot he and I agree on but when it comes to money and laws and, bills (to be or not to be passed), there are definitely disagreements.

But we don't get into heated debates or arguments. We talk about it and give both views points on the situation and if we don't agree then we just drop it and never bring it back up again. That's what we do for everything we disagree with.

We separated politics, religion and other controversial topics, out of our personalities and just put them in the back of our minds. Who we are as people has little to nothing to do with our relationship and how we love the other person. And of corse I could understand it if the people are complet utter opisits. I can also understand it that some people just can't do that, and that's okay. What we do not everyone has the capisity to do. They don't have the mentalities we do because they didn't live our lives and they didn't experience when we did. All I can do is give people advice and show them how I succeeded. And nobody has to take that advice either. Advice should always be that and not an order.

(Side not lol. You say a relationship like that can't last? I'm going on 8 years with the man I love and preparing to move in with him into our own apartment. Love like that is possible even if you have differences. Love isn't a political or social game. Love is the feeling you get when that person touches you and it makes you feel warm and comfortable. The feeling if you can tell that person anything. Your ride or die, your best friend. It's just all up to you how you decide to make the relationship work.)

i hate to say it but if you cant fundamentally agree with someone that relationship won't last.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with atheists. I'm a born and raised Christan, but it wasn't shoved down my throat. I chose to be Christan after going a few years without religion. Do i believe god makes literally EVERYTHING happen? No, not really. But I do believe he loves all of us equally, no matter the person. Does that mean everyone would go to heaven? No, i personally do not believe In a, so to say, heaven and hell. I would like to believe there is something after life though and what that is I'm not sure. But no there is nothing wrong with athiesm. if you don't belive, then that's fine. Anybody that thinks its ok to shun someone based on personal beliefs (with reason and moderation, like your not into kicking puppies or something bad like that) Is just too wrapped up in their own beliefs to see they can have friends and love outside of their religion.

... (being someone myself who dates an agnostic)

Comment posted by Talion The DARKandBRIGHT deleted Feb 6th, 2021

What’s wrong with atheists? Also I’m a conservative FYI. Conservative =/= Christian and Liberal =/= Atheist.

With how much of a Liberal and Atheist cesspool this group has become, it might as well be changed from the “Christian Bronies” group to the “Non-Christian Bronies” group.

Im a Christian always have always will 😎👌🏻

It’s been a few weeks. I would still welcome your response, but for now I’ll give my thoughts.

I’m asking why you believe god exists and your answer is that he saved you from delusion. I would argue that your belief in god is a delusion itself, but we don’t need to go that far.

Suppose you were suffering delusions and a belief in god helped you get over them, cool. How do we know that it was an external magical being called god that helped you? Maybe it was just that the beliefs acted like a placebo and helped you get over your issues. Perhaps other things, like professional treatment or community support, helped you overcome your challenges and now you are simply crediting the Improvment to the equivalent of an imaginary friend. I don’t know what the cause of your recovery was, but I do know that when we are looking at potential causes we can only appeal to possible causes if we want to be rational. Is the placebo effect possible? Yes, we know that’s a real thing it could be a cause. Is community support, western treatments (Counseling, medication, etc...) a possibility? Yes, we know these things exist so they could be the cause. Could the Force, the energy field from Star Wars that all the Jedi and Sith get their magic powers from be the cause? Well, we don’t have any reason to thing the Force is real. It’s never been proven. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but without a demonstration we can’t say that it is possible. If we don’t even know it exists then we definitely can’t appeal to the force as a possible (let alone likely) explanation for your recovery!
To say that your recovery is proof of the force is backwards. First you need to show the force, then you can say the force is the cause of certain phenomena. It’s the same with your god. Saying he cured you isn’t proof, it’s just an empty assertion. Prove your god first, and then you can appeal to him as the cause of things.

I’m not sure I follow you. Can you expand on that?

He save me from delusion

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