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Welcome to the "Christian Bronies" Group!

This is a place for Christian Bronies to have multiple discussions on what it means to be a Christ follower in a group of people who, more often than not, do not believe in and/or Christ, and also a place to just worship freely. Tell us about how Christ is working in your life, bring us prayer requests, talk about your struggles, whatever you want to bring forward in a Christian setting.

If you do not follow Christ, you are more than welcome to come and chat with us. Question us, challenge us, or just hang out and talk pony without the vulgarity that can come from this fandom. We're not exclusive here. :twilightsmile:

-Group Founder, primalcorn1

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.Mark 12:31

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Comment posted by Talion The DARKandBRIGHT deleted February 6th

What’s wrong with atheists? Also I’m a conservative FYI. Conservative =/= Christian and Liberal =/= Atheist.

With how much of a Liberal and Atheist cesspool this group has become, it might as well be changed from the “Christian Bronies” group to the “Non-Christian Bronies” group.

Im a Christian always have always will 😎👌🏻

It’s been a few weeks. I would still welcome your response, but for now I’ll give my thoughts.

I’m asking why you believe god exists and your answer is that he saved you from delusion. I would argue that your belief in god is a delusion itself, but we don’t need to go that far.

Suppose you were suffering delusions and a belief in god helped you get over them, cool. How do we know that it was an external magical being called god that helped you? Maybe it was just that the beliefs acted like a placebo and helped you get over your issues. Perhaps other things, like professional treatment or community support, helped you overcome your challenges and now you are simply crediting the Improvment to the equivalent of an imaginary friend. I don’t know what the cause of your recovery was, but I do know that when we are looking at potential causes we can only appeal to possible causes if we want to be rational. Is the placebo effect possible? Yes, we know that’s a real thing it could be a cause. Is community support, western treatments (Counseling, medication, etc...) a possibility? Yes, we know these things exist so they could be the cause. Could the Force, the energy field from Star Wars that all the Jedi and Sith get their magic powers from be the cause? Well, we don’t have any reason to thing the Force is real. It’s never been proven. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but without a demonstration we can’t say that it is possible. If we don’t even know it exists then we definitely can’t appeal to the force as a possible (let alone likely) explanation for your recovery!
To say that your recovery is proof of the force is backwards. First you need to show the force, then you can say the force is the cause of certain phenomena. It’s the same with your god. Saying he cured you isn’t proof, it’s just an empty assertion. Prove your god first, and then you can appeal to him as the cause of things.

I’m not sure I follow you. Can you expand on that?

He save me from delusion

Why do you believe that?

Jesus is my Lord and Savior He died for my Sins and risen swallowed death.

Dang, lol, I haven’t been on this site in ages!
I think the best place to start with is: what do you believe?

What are your questions about Christianity?

Hello EveryBrony.

You know. I generally don't pay attention to the groups my story gets added to.

So, it's been nearly two years since I checked out my story's 'groups' and surprise, surprise, I see a group called Christian Bronies.

So, here I am introducing myself.

I am a Christian. I've struggled with 'being' a Christian for about 40 years.

But recently, about 3 years ago, through constant failure, I reached rock bottom and threw myself wholly and totally at the feet of the Lord. Confessing my absolute inability to perform the christian walk, to 'be good', I gave myself (In prayer) to the Lord's judgement. 'Right here, right now' as the saying goes.

And - he accepted me! He didn't turn away from me, from my failures. And since that time, I have come to recognize that 'peace which passes understanding'. It's a real thing.

Since my story was already added to your group, and not by myself, I wish to thank whoever did that.

When I started writing my story. There were all manner of stories written where the authors projected their very worldly attitudes and desires into MLP. Distorting it's beautiful premise quite badly.
But I wanted to examine the following. What if the MLP universe was real. And how would a real Christian react in a real-world encounter with a real pony.

My main character, Mike, is not a perfect Christian, but he knows what is important.
As for my other main character,Twilight (because Twilight is Best Pony!)... Well I'm trying to show how she would react to meeting a real human. Lucky for her, he's a Christian!

Bye for now. Wanted to share this with you guys. Go with God. And please be here for me when I have trouble with faith.

Family Force Five is the best band ever!

αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη Pastor Stoecklein, and the Lord's Spirit of Healing be with your family and friends.

R.I.P. Andrew Stoecklein, a pastor who commited suicide this year...

Link to help support the Stoecklein family in this difficult time:

No, it’s a lie when you claim that I’m “butthurt over the continued existence of Christians” when that’s not my position.
Are you actually reading my posts, or do you just read the first sentence or two and respond?

It's a lie to ask why you're talking to me instead of the muslims?

No, that’s another lie on your part. I denounce rape when it’s committed by anyone, Muslim or otherwise. Quite separately from the question of human rights violations, both Islam and Christianity make claims about reality that haven’t been demonstrated. I therefore don’t believe them.

I honestly don’t even know if there is anything we disagree on.
We agree that some followers of Islam commit evil actions in its name.
We agree that the Middle East is a hotbed of problems and human rights violations.
We agree that all religions make stupid claims.
We agree that some christians are nice people.
We agree that churches can add value to people by providing a supportive social network.
I don’t believe that there is a god, you haven’t made you position on this clear.

I think we are on the same page here. Is there anything that I’m missing?

The truth of reality? How's this for reality? You're getting butthurt over the continued existence of Christians while Muslims are raping people all over europe.

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