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This is a place for Christian Bronies to have multiple discussions on what it means to be a Christ follower in a group of people who, more often than not, do not believe in and/or Christ, and also a place to just worship freely. Tell us about how Christ is working in your life, bring us prayer requests, talk about your struggles, whatever you want to bring forward in a Christian setting.

If you do not follow Christ, you are more than welcome to come and chat with us. Question us, challenge us, or just hang out and talk pony without the vulgarity that can come from this fandom. We're not exclusive here. :twilightsmile:

-Group Founder, primalcorn1

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.Mark 12:31

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Okay, I watched it, that's 48 minutes of my life wasted...

The guy in the first half of the video is totally disorganized and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He doesn't explain himself, and he doesn't prove what he's rambling about. He seems to jump from point to point without linking them. He's reading from something but doesn't explain it. I used to deal with people like that as patients in the hospital, most of them had taken something they shouldn't have, and most of the rest had failed to take something they should have. I can't say if that applies to this guy on the basis of one video, but it does raise a big red flag... :rainbowhuh:

The second half of the video is just some guy trying to induce panic and get you to stampede over to his site and buy his books. His "infomercial" while full of emotional triggers isn't very informative, and he offers to teach you nothing that can't already be found for free on the internet if you're willing to spend some time with a search engine. Why are we supposed to watch this? Are you trying to sell us something? :applejackunsure:

Mediocre. Here's what you should REALLY be watching.

Comment posted by WeirdoBrony9 deleted May 27th

You know, sometimes, my atheist friends are all "Dude, how can you be friends with Christians?"

So I say to them, "Well... You know what Christian Minecraft Servers are like, right?"

And they go "Haha, yeah. You get warned for swearing even a little or saying anything mean about their religion and if you do it enough they ban you and-"

And I interrupt and say "Compare that to an Islamic Country."

And they go quiet for a while, as that sinks in. If the anvil needs to be driven in harder, I add, "In Christian countries, Atheists are allowed to insult Christianity on TV. In Islamic countries, Atheists are thrown off rooftops along with gay people for not being Muslim enough".

And then I never have that conversation with that particular friend again.

Personally, I care if my faith is true but I never know if I’m actually following it as there’s many versions claiming to be the right one.

I get to join a group with strong feelings towards a common thing with connections that give a damn about people. Heck, what my last church failed to do was care for people directly. I got to go to Memphis, TN and take care of little kids whether or not their parents actually cared about them.

If I’m right, nobody on Earth will know about Heaven or Hell because it’s one of those mysteries that the dead keep to themselves. If I’m not, then what’s the point of remembering those lost? The memories will fade over generations and there’s no afterlife to hold your loved ones until you show up.

Look at every fandom online. Steven Universe is toxic, My Little Pony is a mixed bag of creeps and austism (not that autism is wrong. I have autism and when I move, I will mentor a girl with autism. Or that’s the plan everyone has for me.), and Sonic the Hedgehog freak out if their idol’s arms change colors.

In Christianity: God is good, Jesus is #1, the Bible is law, and we’re one big happy family. It’s been that way for so long that people look for evidence for it or purpose among it.

If it’s a lie and life has no endgame, no reason, then are we alive to complete with everything for a vain goal containing a vain prize? Because I’ve lost ages ago and I’m not competing anytime soon.

Hopefully you can be mascot next year then:pinkiehappy:

I’m fine granting you, for the sake of argument, that the chariots were found a significant distance from the shore. What does that prove? Nothing. All we have is a mystery, if you think that the answer to this mystery is that Moses used magical powers granted by the volcano demon Yahweh then please present your evidence.

The letters from Paul were written by a real person, his name might even have been Paul, that’s fine. Does that prove the supernatural claims are true? I agree that Christians, Muslims, and almost all other religions are probably here to stay. Thankfully the number of people globally that don’t consider themselves religious is growing, but this is irrelevant to the more important question. Is there a god? Is there life after death? Was Jesus divine? These are factual questions that have an answer. I don’t know the answer to any of them, that’s why I withhold belief and that’s why I’m an atheist. If you are claiming that you do know the answer to these questions then please give your answer and more importantly explain how you determined it to be true.

I don’t assume that the bible is anything, I’m an a apistevist which means that I only believe things that are evidently and demonstrably true. The Bible is evidentially a book written by humans, but to go a step further and say that they were divinely inspired or that the supernatural claims are true... that has not been demonstrated. I’m inclined to agree that the battle between the abrahamic sects, like all religious and supernatural conflicts, are hogwash. I believe that because: until the truth of any of the supernatural claims are demonstrated, everyone is just going off of faith and feelings (which are not reliable paths to truth).

I asked before but you forgot to answer: Do you care if your beliefs are true?

They did by July’s end. I couldn’t be the VBS mascot that year.

There’s a documentary, I just need to find it. From what I remember (which isn’t much to go by, making this stance weaker until I find the video) the weathered chariots and weapons found were Egyptian and with how far they were from land... well, I want to know which group of Egyptians decided to go Daredevil over the Red Sea.

Paul’s real. A few books in the New Testament were letters to churches, places into the Bible. But many people can share a name or claim to be someone else.

Crazy as this sounds: You can’t get rid of Christians. Then again, you cannot get rid of Muslims, either. It’s a constant stalemate. One survives by word while the other survives by numbers.

Whether or not someone tries to eradicate one or the other by any means, they both survive. Then again, assuming the Bible is an outdated or misinformed work: the ongoing battle between the descendants of Abraham’s sons is hog wash.


Yikes, hopefully your ankles make a full recovery!

New Testament scrolls were found in clay pots, does that prove god? Have we ever found ancient documents before or since that you would argue are not divinely inspired?

Chariots under the Red Sea, I’d want to see your sources there but even if it’s true how does that prove the sea was parted? The Canal Saint-Martin in Paris is absolutely full of bicycles and motor bikes and other junk, that’s not evidence that it was parted and then used to drown a bunch of people though, so why would chariots in the Red Sea count? The experts say it doesn’t.

Stone slabs and tombs... what does that prove?

I have no problem with the idea that Jesus was a real person running around preaching 2000 years ago. The question is: what reason do we have to believe he was divine? I’m glad you agree that the stories aren’t reliable. Do you have any other evidence?
Where did you learn about Paul, from the stories that we agree aren’t necessarily reliable? Let’s say the reports on Paul’s actions and travels are accurate, that only proves that he believes, it doesn’t prove that it’s true.

He evidently got pretty far, but I’m personally not too concerned with his beliefs. I care about what’s actually true. Dr. Hawking was able to add a ton of value to the human race because of his demonstrably true work in physics. Do you have anything demonstrable that you can say about Christianity?

Funny enough, I’m in Austin, Texas again but this time I’m not discouraged from using my phone. July was a memorable month because I burned my ankles really bad.

Anyway, my reason for responding... is a grain of salt.

The New Testament scrolls of the Bible were hidden in pots in small, deep caves. They were discovered, much to the loose prediction that “The Earth will cry out to the Lord.” But if that’s the earth crying out, then I guess the Egyptians got equal treatment in that regard. Archaeologists found chariots under the Red Sea from Moses parting it then letting go of the sea onto Pharaoh’s men, stone slabs under the ground, and tombs within the pyramids.

Then there’s the New Testament itself. I still believe Jesus exists but I don’t have much faith in those that wrote his story. Friends and family talked about him, some leaving out details that the other writers picked up whilst also forgoing things previous writing put down. But then when he died, we don’t hear much about him until Revelations when he returns.

Between that, Paul the Prophet (once Saul the killer of “Christians”.) sent letters and hopped around on a world tour in and out of jail. I know it was the job he was given after Jesus returned his sight but why not the disciples? Those with Jesus?

Side Note: Dr. Hawkins died the other day; I wonder how far he got in his thoughts on possible higher beings?

It might be a bit hard, though. Some of us are split by worship ways, Bible meanings, and “Love without knowledge vs Knowledge without love” going around.

There is a gray area but it’s never true neutral ground.

Enough about me; how’s your Spring Break?

May the Divine Spirit bless us all.
No exceptions.

I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for God. So true! God loves each and every one of you (yes, even the atheists) and has a plan for your life, whether you believe it or not. God bless everyone!

I believe that everyone is special and amazing in their own way. God has given each and every one of us a personality. It's important to respect those who are different to us or have different views on life, but what's important is what God wants for each of us.

Thank you and God bless each and every one of you.

Thanks! God loves u 2!

Its nice to see people who aren't afraid to post stuff like this on the internet.
God bless you

God Bless Everypony!

That's understandable

I'm not christian, but I'm trying to be nicer to those who are.

Hopefully everything still worked out!


Science also can't tell us if we were made a popped out of thin air.

Can you rephrase this sentence? I’m not sure if you are ESL or just not putting much care into your posts, but I’m not sure what you mean here. I have an idea of what you mean but I don’t want to put words in your mouth.

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