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Thunder · 2:35am Jun 10th, 2015

When people see a dog that is afraid of thunder they usually assume the dog is scared of the loud noise it makes. This is true, but there's more to their fear. The dog is afraid of the unknown.

You see I'm a veterinary assistant, and often people ask me something along the lines of:

"Why do you like animals?"

And I always tell them:

"Because they're so human."

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Hello there

I'm Ezio, I've never been particularly good at writing these "about me" things, and you probably don't want to read a full-length biography of me anyway, so I'm going to make this more compact for your viewing pleasure

Who I am:
1. Admin of Christian Bronies
2. Avid 'Slice of Life' reader
3. Occasional author

What I like:
1. Studying religion
2. Trying different foods
3. Video games
4. Anime
5. Sports

That's a pretty general overview of me, if you'd like to know more about me (for whatever reason) please feel free to PM me. Also feel free to PM me if you'd ever like to talk/ask questions about Christianity/God/The Bible or anything pertaining to my religion, I really enjoy discussing it.

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1924806 interesting.
That is without a doubt the best case anyone has EVER made before me on the subject. :twilightsmile:
Do you mind lending me your thoughts on the same thing considering that it is against federal law to write the exact same thing only with human or human like characters?


You pose a very interesting question. Let me start by saying, I do find the idea of sexualizing the younger characters of the show to be wrong, that is merely my opinion on the matter.

Do I think it should be stopped? Well in short, no.

While I find the concept gross, I am in no position to tell people what they can and cannot write. I don't like the idea of destroying or banning any form of literature, even if I think it is immoral, even if most of it's poorly written, I can't bring myself to sentence it to banning. John Milton once wrote "He who destroys a book, kills reason itself." Even though I may find it repugnant, I will never attempt to restrict their speech. I turn off the "View Mature" and I go on with my day.

I don't think your cause is wrongheaded. It is certainly being done with noble intentions. That being said I don't personally think that this is how to resolve such an issue.

1924729 yes :twilightsmile:
I kinda wanted to see your opinion here, seeing that you from what I can tell, have no connection to clop groups and no clop stories anywhere.
You seem to present yourself as a clean and moral individual. Now I wont blame you at all if you just would rather not get involved, and I am not asking you to post anywhere, I am just asking. As the person who you are. What do you think of the cause? not whether it CAN be done or not but rather what do you think of it?

1924637 The banning of all foalcon fics right?

Question. Just a mild one, not in any way trying to start trouble or anything, just curious. Have you heard of me and my cause?

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