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Hello, and welcome to Anti-Depression Ponies! :pinkiehappy:


The world is full of sadness and despair, each and every soul a story of their own of how society and reality left them to the dust, forgotten. FIMfiction is no exception, and is in fact filled with many individuals who loathe their very being and past. Everyday, many readers and authors are left with a void in their hearts, longing for someone to be with them, to understand them, to carry them through their tear-filled road of life.

This group is dedicated to all those suffering from life's hardships and just don't know what to look forward to in life anymore. :applecry: With that in mind, the purpose of this group is to put a smile back on your face (And we'll make sure of it)! :twilightsmile:

What you can do to help yourself!

If life hasn't been fair to you recently, or perhaps even all your life, share! Share with us your woes, your sorrows, let the tears flow, there's nothing wrong with that. Each and everyone of us will be there to make you feel better. Tell us your story, tell us of the very first moment you broke out a smile, tell us of your happiest memory, tell us what makes you you

Watch as group members crowd around you, sharing their own stories and words of encouragement. Watch as the innovative occasionally drop off a heart-warming picture or a spirit-lifting video. Watch as your tears dry-up into a pool of happyness within you. :scootangel:

But remember, this group is only a collection of stepping stones there to help you cross your turbulent river. Only you yourself have the power to cross it. But we're always there to pick you back up should you fall into despair again. :pinkiesad2:

What you can do to help others!

Anyone and everyone from all corners of the internet may join, whether they're feeling depressed or not. If you yourself have had similar experiences to your new but broken friends, feel free to lend a helping hand. Lend words of encouragement, share with them your failures and your will to rise from the ashes. Inspire them, help them, hold them like one of your own. Be the one to place the stepping stones of the past, as we all hold hands and progress further on into the future. We're all in this together. :twilightsmile:

Stories to Read

The stories set here in our folders are chosen to hopefully bring a smile to your face. Whether they be long journeys of self-discovery, a lesson from home to last a lifetime, or even just some fillies being silly, you can look here for stories that will fill you with purpose and energy to strive for a better future.


This is a lenient group, so there won't be that many. But basically:
1. Don't be intentionally rude or insulting.
2. Don't spam the forums with unrelated threads.
3. Don't make threads proclaiming suicide.
4. Don't negatively reference specific users within the site when creating a [help] or [vent] thread.

If you're doing something wrong, an admin will tell you to stop. So don't feel pressured by things like insta-bans and what not. More info about our banning system can be found here. :twilightsmile:

If at any point you feel dissatisfied with the group, you are welcome to leave a comment in our suggestion thread too! :pinkiehappy:

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Happen to almost every youtuber ever so...

Too right, my friend. Don't worry; there's still a future for me. Who knows, maybe the love of my life is also a fan of MLP? :heart:

Crush? Can't say i'm surprised...Well...Here's an idea. Write some sort of fan fiction about this. A way to express your emotions without any of the awkwardness, ya'know?

Like, a self insert with you as your OC or something.

Um...Wow...You are really open...

Well, just because you don't have one now doesn't mean you won't have one in the future. I've never had girlfriend but I don't let it get to me. Sure, it's sad, but I still wouldn't commit suicide over it.

Besides, they're is a reason Brony-Con exist! :pinkiesmile:

Luna is officially cute... and pretty. :twilightblush:

Well, I have been into ponies, unicorns etc for as long as I can remember. Before joining the Brony fandom in December 2015, I struggled to find a place that involved ponies but included teenagers/adults as its core fanbase. I'm into other things, but then there's the stereotype about looking weird or ugly (spotty face, curly hair). I've been single for a year now and I feel very lonely and sad.

I just wish that someday, I would find the girl who's right for me. I hate being single, especially Valentine's Day coming up, it's really not helping. Everyone else either has someone or is in a better position than me of getting another person.

Also, another positive that I found from watching My Little Pony, was that fact that just before then I was at the stage wherever I would commit suicide or not because I just couldn't fit in anywhere or with anyone. In fact, just a few weeks before watching the show, I was even planning where I would end my life. But thanks to this amazing fandom, I have been able to look at the bright side of life, even if I'm still struggling with some things, including girls.

Thank you for understanding. Who knows; one day, this could all change... :ajsleepy:

Trust me, I know your pain. So...What is it exactly that makes you think that girls think you're weird?

I am upset because I feel that girls just don't want to go out with me (I'm a male) and it's because I'm weird or whatever. This world sucks. If it weren't for the brony fandom, then I wouldn't be talking to you all now. :raritydespair:

Professor Plum
Story Approver

I have had a crush on Vinyl Scratch ever since I was 13 - 14 years old. I am 20. I am male. My girlfriend broke up with me to be with a girl who had surgery to have a penis. Vinyl x Octavia offends me deeply. This is a picture that upset me right now and it makes me want to kill myself or punch someone something. It offends me. I love Vinyl Scratch. Leave her alone! Please!

I left the Discord server.

Comment posted by Kasrkin deleted Jun 26th, 2017

I have mild depression that affects me alot. So i'll join :)

409996 OMG adorable!Daaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

"Who's she?"
"Just no one important"
"Thats funny because in 900 years of time and space I have never met someone who was not important"

Best Doctor Who Quote

seems like no matter what i do i end up becoming the big enemy of many, it's high school all over again. dealing with the worst of the worst. what do i do when approached with nothing but ignorant people.

I need help... I have a friend name hopeful soul on this site. We had been friends ever since I started writing. And now a fight yesterday has costed us dearly and I don't want to lose him as a friend. Please help me...

if anyone needs a shoulder to cry on, a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold, or just an ear to listen, send me a message. im always available.
i may have problems, but you come first.
Because in 900 years of time and space, I have never met anyone who wasn't important.

Comment posted by Shadowsciver deleted May 12th, 2016
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