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Welcome all!

In this group, this is where we can all stand together! Together as Christians! As warriors of Jesus! As people who spread the gospel throughout the world, and show everyone around us the great things about worshipping God, as well as the great things about being a servant to Him.

Here, we can also come together to commute, relax in peace, as well as share the stories we make, and the ones we help others out with or the ones we like reading.

I founded this group after leaving the “Christian Bronies” group, because during my time there, it suddenly went in a direction that no longer seemed like the kind that would honor God, and it’s been becoming a cesspool for debates, politics, bullies, and trolls as of late.

Also, on a side note, I think MLP mixes perfectly with Christianity (especially as long as they continue sharing what it is that helps them mix well).

This group will, of course, not be without its rules:

1. A. No trolling, spamming, or bullying. B. Always be kind and respectful to one another.

2. Politics, and political-correctness, will not be welcome in this group. So, there will be limitations to what we talk about or post.

3. Debates are fine, but try to maintain civility within conversations.

4. A. Do not get too negative about anything. B. Always maintain a positive attitude.

5. Cussing and disturbing images are not welcome in this group.

6. As Christians, don’t be afraid of standing up and fighting for what you believe in, and that belief...is Jesus.

7. Stories are allowed to be added, but they must each be added to only one folder. Based on the ratings of a movie, pick the folder that you believe would fit your story or stories the most.

8. Promotions of other groups and places is welcome, but they must not be ones that are about inappropriate things, such as porn. Also, you can only promote a group you already promoted on here more than once after 7 days.

9. Stories involving certain things that go against the Bible, such as homosexuality and porn, will not be allowed for posting here.

And please obey these rules, because anyone who breaks them, even just one...will answer to me. This group is also a largely Conservative group. Love and tolerance towards the people who don’t believe in God is always welcome, but not support for what they do or believe themselves.

But, before I conclude, I would like to note that the biggest goal around here is to have a good time, and to give others a good time as well.

I hope you all enjoy yourselves.

Those who are merely here to watch and learn:
Faithful Brony Bot

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What did Jimmy Hook have to say on Thursday?

Comment posted by JimmyHook19 deleted June 20th

Ah, OK. I just wanted to know, that's all.

I told him to take a hike because his profile wasn’t something I was too pleased with. It proclaimed his atheism and hate towards Jesus, and I didn’t want somebody like that in the group.

At least from what he wrote on it before.

What was the business with Swagdaddy all about?

I asked if you were a Christian and believed in Jesus, and so, here we are.

I probably won't stay long, as I don't care for the no debate rule.

I'm also curious how you found me.

I have been invited by a lion, what's the dealoi here?

Hello fellow followers of Christ!

How’s everypony doin? 😁

You’re free to incorporate them.

Thanks for the invite. I am I allowed to add any/all of my stories, or only those directly relevant to the Faith?

Thanks for the invite A Man Undercover

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