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Welcome all!

In this group, this is where we can all stand together! Together as Christians! As warriors of Jesus! As people who spread the gospel throughout the world, and show everyone around us the great things about worshipping God, as well as the great things about being a servant to Him.

Here, we can also come together to commute, relax in peace, as well as share the stories we make, and the ones we help others out with or the ones we like reading.

I founded this group after leaving the “Christian Bronies” group, because during my time there, it suddenly went in a direction that no longer seemed like the kind that would honor God, and it’s been becoming a cesspool for debates, politics, bullies, and trolls as of late.

Also, on a side note, I think MLP mixes perfectly with Christianity (especially as long as they continue sharing what it is that helps them mix well).

This group will of course not be without its rules:

1. A. No trolling, spamming, or bullying. B. Always be kind and respectful to one another.

2. Politics, and political-correctness, will not be welcome in this group. So, there will be limitations to what we talk about or post.

3. Do not cause any kind of debate whatsoever, especially by making a thread that could very well cause an argument.

4. A. Do not get too negative about anything. B. Always maintain a positive attitude.

5. Cussing and disturbing images are not welcome in this group.

6. As Christians, don’t be afraid of standing up and fighting for what you believe in, and that belief...is Jesus.

And please obey these rules, because anyone who breaks them, even just one...will answer to me.

But, before I conclude, I would like to note that the biggest goal around here is to have a good time, and to give others a good time as well.

I hope you all enjoy yourselves.

Those who are merely here to watch and learn:
Faithful Brony Bot

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Jesus, heck yeah

You’re welcome.

It’s always great to find more people.

Thanks for the invite, let's see where this goes. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for inviting me. :twilightsmile:

You’re welcome.

And thanks for your concerns and looking out for me.

Okay, thanks. I just didn't want the group to be reported by anyone who drops by. I don't you to get in trouble.

Where did you even find that?

I didn’t even know that was a rule.

But, besides that, it’s really nothing personal. It’s just...I don’t think it’s really the most appropriate of things.

But, since you bring that up, I will be making immediate changes right away if you have a problem with that.

But the rules:

Do not make groups designed specifically to attack another user or group of people.

Caveat: It is okay to make groups attacking fictional characters. I.e. “We hate Rarity”

Do not make groups designed to attack or organize hatred against a user’s story.

If your group deals with mature-rated subject matter, be sure to mark it NSFW in the Group Options.

Do not post NSFW images in groups, even if the group is marked NSFW.

Roleplaying is not allowed on Fimfiction. This includes carrying out RP scenarios with other users and acting out online personas. This ban applies to all site functions including PMs. Consider using email or an IM client, the UI is better suited for these tasks. For more information, you can read knighty’s post about this subject.

Hang on a moment...

6. Images (not counting profile pics) and stories involving homosexuality are not welcome here.

Isn't that homophobic?

Kewl, nice new group! :D

Hi, thanks for the invite! :)

This should be interesting.

I will try to obey these rules as best i can, but if necessary, i will defend the truth as I see it, however ignorant i may be.

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