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This story is a sequel to Trixie's Flares

As an introverted person who thinks talking naturally is unnatural, you're starting to think that maybe the land of friendship you appeared in isn't a place for you to make friends.

Vinyl Scratch might just be the pony to change that, however. While relaxing in the park one day with your headphones in and your sunglasses on, far away from anypony else, she comes up, and, incredibly, so do your emotions. She may have just scratched the surface on your reclusiveness.

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Awww, this was a cute story. I like all the ones you do, but this one seems the cutest

Nice. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say either Octavia or Lyra is next?

This one is really good! An interesting portrayal of Vinyl Scratch, significantly different from the usual one, but definitely a unique perspective on her personality. All in all, this is one of the best of these stories yet! :twilightsmile:

Same here, comrade. As an introvert myself, I've never related to another story so hard in my life. I don't really associate with anyone outside of my family—be it my biological family or my church family— much.

What kinda tunes do you listen to?

*takes one ear bud out and puts it in her ear, "Coat of Arms" by Sabaton playing*

That would make sense, if Mr. Bunch wants to keep on a roll! :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by BradyBunch deleted Oct 25th, 2021

Hey, that's cool. Me, I listen to hard dubstep.

*put up my phones*

*KoRn - Twisted Transistor*

Beat. That.

I can say that not only is vinyl my favorite pone but I'm a MASSIVE introvert so this story hits home. Now I just have to read it.

I did my reading today. :pinkiecrazy:

Guys only go for the cute girls like Rarity. They're flamboyant and so… out there.

*sigh* I feel ya, Vinyl.

Another cute, wholesome, heartwarming story by you! Wonderful way to end a day, I find.
Once again, I don't generally 'like' the main -- heck, I don't even know what to call her half the time. But this is just too good! I love it! It's so, so sweet, and such a great take on Vinyl. I love it, really; so much it nearly hurts.

I do hope you find inspiration for one of these, sometime. You're fabulous at them.

Comment posted by Duncan Jones deleted Dec 2nd, 2023
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