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This is a group for the people who want to become great writers. It is for all, need by all, and 20% cooler for all. :D

Message: White Dragon if there is any questions.

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How do I add a fic?

330447 i can make a banner with some 3D software i have. It wont be Ponies but i have horses and unicorns.

Hi, I'm new to all this fan-fiction business and I have a story that I have been absolutely dying to write, and I was wondering if anyone was interested in either collaborating with me or just helping me with it! Here is the link to the blog post I made about it. If any one here is a fan of the Hotline Miami games, I hope this interests you! Thanks!

I'm looking for an editor. Any takers?

Well, crap. I think I put it in the wrong folder. Sorry guys. ^^;

Um, are you guys alive? I need a few proofreaders... o_o

No one posts anymore... :(

im going as Soul from Soul Eater when Soul is in black blood. i have the tux and everything all they way down to the pointy hair, and sharp teeth.

Happy Nightmare Night Everyone u guys shoul post in chat wat ur costume is/was.

We are getting bigger guys
ill add more stories to the folders

guys if you have a skype send a friend request to this account RIspy5655


Howdy yall! :ajsmug: had a fella invite me teh join. I'm a long standing author on this site with almost a million words published!

Mr Rispy (RIspy5655) called me over!
V-PONY IS IN DA HOUSE!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

A certain RIspy5655 sent me a PM which said you guys would be interested to have me on board, just twlling so I just don't seem as I'm just adding myself whitout reason.

Might as well introduce myself, I'm Dr. Techno aka Tylar and I am for the moment writing clop fic... I actually only got clop fic up but I intend to change that at some point, hopefully soon.


hey guys we got SNEAKY

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