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Lux Klonoa

General gamer. A Klonoa and Gran Turismo/Daiki Kasho fan, and the original concept creator of Super Rainbow Dash.


...Hey. · 3:47pm May 6th, 2022

My last login here was in 2020... Geez.

But yeah, I'm back. If you're wondering where I've been, well, it's mostly Klonoa stuff and me being a gaming photographer on Twitter. Plus, going through some drama with the Klonoa community again, including most recently... I'll leave you with a tip that sums it up: don't ever accept someone's offer to create an OC for you, if they are showing signs of exploding like a volcano, turning on you, and then blocking you on Twitter afterward.

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When are we going to see something new?

2133482 I... think I already am. Karyu-no-Kiba is me on DA.

Don't forget to follow me on DA as well, as that is my base of operations. +P

Well! Finding the creator of one of my most favorite concepts in the fandom on this site just made my day.:rainbowdetermined2: Have a follow!

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