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General gamer. A Klonoa and Gran Turismo/Daiki Kasho fan, and the original concept creator of Super Rainbow Dash.


The follow-up to "Harmonic Spectrum."

It has been quite some time since Rainbow Dash, who had discovered her true destiny as the long-lost Flame of Harmony, saved Equestria from the clutches of the Spirit of Chaos, Discord. Ever since that incident, Dash has been training herself in order to better understand her power as the Flame of Harmony, otherwise known as her Super form.

Now, an ancient enemy, one that the princesses had defeated long ago, returns. Lord Tirek is once again out in the wild, stealing magic from the pony population wherever he goes. And not even the princesses themselves, including Twilight Sparkle, can stand up to his might.

When all else fails, when all hope is lost, only the mighty scream of the heroic Flame of Harmony, Super Rainbow Dash, can save them all.

Little did she know, however, that a mysterious, otherworldly being is aiding and watching Tirek from the shadows...


A crossover with... I'll let you guess on that.

The main theme of this fic is "HERO ~Song of Hope~" from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Super Rainbow Dash concept and design by me. Conceptualized in the summer of 2011, pre-dating Hasbro's Rainbow Power forms.

The short animation on YouTube by TehJadeh.
Fanart collection.

Cover artwork by Sheandog.

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“Yeah. Let’s keep it simple, eh?”


sorry i just had to

“I’m still the same pony that I was before. It’s just that I’ve brought out my soul from within. My soul on display.”

:facehoof: Dat cheese.

Also I'm sensing some shenanigans are gonna happen, since somepony else is gonna get Rainbows 'Super Saiyan' cutie mark.

6260638 Of course it's cheesy, when the show itself is full of cheesy dialogue. =P

(Which EqD doesn't seem to get, btw, considering lines like "20% Cooler" and others. But, yeah, screw them. I gave up on the whole endeavour months ago anyway,)

Hmm, Pinkie Pie got Rarity's cutie mark...but in the show Applejack had Rarity's mark. Is which pony becomes an alicorn going to change as well? Or is it still Twilight? Or will it be Rainbow Dash? Or all of the Bearers? Granted if Rainbow Dash becomes an alicorn, she might be a bit overpowered...

6263103 As the description says, it's still Twilight who becomes an alicorn. There's absolutely no sense in making Super Dash one since she's already the most powerful being in Equestria (until Tirek shows up, that is). It would ruin my overall plans for her to be equal to Super Klonoa, and I'd get a bunch of idiots saying she's a Mary Sue. =/

That said, because she's the Flame of Harmony, Dash won't be affected by the cutie mark chaos that has been unleashed. Only four of the Six are affected.

And then, there's the question of me doing a full scene of the chaos anyway. I may or may not do it. Most likely, I'll just jump ahead to Twilight finishing the spell and then her alicornification, with Dash and Celestia accompanying her at the Lane of Destiny.

And not even the princesses themselves, including Twilight Sparkle, can stand up to his might.

Hmm. I did not see this part. It does make sense not to turn this version of Rainbow Dash into an alicorn, Because, as I said, she might be a bit overpowered.

I just really want the canon Rainbow Dash to turn into an alicorn. She deserves it, I think.


Omfg yess

Alicorn RD must be in the show :pinkiecrazy:

along with my ships

eventually, I’m gonna be forced out of my Super form. Basically, I’m going to run out of energy.”

the solution is simple: raid a jewelry store before the form runs out:derpytongue2:

6288700 Like she's going to turn into a supervillain... Yeah right. lol

hey every ring counts in an epic struggle between good and evil:pinkiehappy:

OMG YUUUUSSS SEQUEAL NOW I DONT HAVE TO READ 200K WORDS ON ANOTHER STORY!!!! but this time have to actually WAIT for story updates oh well totally worth it and loved the first story, and have no doubts of this being my fav story's ever (not to mention RD is best pony lol)

hmm..why does this fic have so little views!!??

6628734 Eh, the only reason why "HS" has so many views is because I started it in 2012. That, and it's the fic that I linked to on YouTube as well as being the fic that you first see when you Google Super Rainbow Dash.

So it's normal, really.

This is so good. When do you think the next one will be out?

Depends on whether I'm gaming or procrastinating. >_>

Think I'm probably gonna start the next part, which is Super Dash's training, tonight, though.

Sounds good, can't wait for it.

So far this story has been so awesome! :heart: I can't wait for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy: I bet this story will be just as good as Harmonic Spectrum. :rainbowdetermined2: maybe better. ????

Why do I feel like there's gonna be a Dragon Ball-Z fight type thing? :rainbowlaugh:

That's because there IS going to be a Dragon Ball-type of battle against Tirek. =P

I mean, it did happen in the season 4 finale, right? Only without a proper Super form battle like I'm doing here and with the clusterf*** known as Rainbow Power.

Expect that to be her final attack against Tirek. =P
(Except it won't be called the Kamehameha, obviously...)

I'm wondering is rainbow left hoofed or right hoofed? (Left handed or right handed) just a small question that somehow makes me feel more connected to the story :)

I don't think it matters when she uses both hooves anyway to fight and shoot energy . =P

OOH!!1! This updated! But crap...I don;t have time to read it...


7180905 Take your time, dude. No need to rush to read this, really. =P

Where the fight REALLY begins. At least, that's what I think.

Yes I 've been waiting for this to come out. :D

7181900 Yep, part 5 is the last one. The big battle, as well as the revelation of the mysterious sphere's identity.

Darn, where's more amazingness when you need it?
Seriously, I just got back on here after a while and saw this and thought Harmonic Spectrum sequel? *clicks frantically*
Can't wait for more! :rainbowkiss:

Looks like Rainbow's gonna have to do this the hard way!:rainbowdetermined2:

So this is gonna be a full on Klonoa crossover now? Cool!

The main theme of this fic is "HERO ~Song of Hope~" from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

...Does this mean it's a Dragon Ball crossover?

Not really a DB crossover. As it says, it's just the main theme of the fic, given that the song itself is about being a hero and "gimme gimme power."

That, and the real reason why it's the theme of the fic is because there is a scene in part 4 that's very similar, if not exact, to the scene in the movie where Goku bursts out of the underground and screams, "I will not let destroy my world!" Basically, I wanted Dash to do the same thing.

The crossover part of the description is not referring to Dragon Ball at all, but another of Akira Toriyama's works, instead. The mystery is revealed in the final part of the fic (barring the other crossover in that part, that is).

Lavos... that name sounds familiar, is this a reference to Chrono Trigger?

It is the very same Lavos from Chrono Trigger. Read that entire part again. Should be very familiar to you if you've beaten the game.


*Knowing that one day a story will be once again posted, fills you with DETERMINATION.

Im so exited to see what happens! Like, im tooo exited! This was the most best story I have read! I bet the next will be better!

7886663 What? Was my idea too cool for you? I know, it's hard to look at my glorious imagination!

Edited the beginning of this to reflect chapter 1 of my current Klonoa fic, "All My Life."
EDIT 2/10/23: Updated it again to reflect the remake of "AML."

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