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Claiming my new oc's name · 3:24pm Jul 27th, 2014

Okay, so I just happened to come across a couple of story that has the name Lightning Hoof, like I said before, I'm just a newbie again, technically speaking I used to be on this fandom website as Light Breeze, the newbie also, I would love to claim that name and I will. I have two name of pony ocs
1. Lightning Breeze - an old account name and oc name in which I lost the password to the account

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Thanks for the watch and fave!:pinkiehappy::ajsmug::yay::raritystarry::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::eeyup::scootangel::moustache::trollestia:

Thanks for the fav and follow. I'll make sure you're not disappointed.

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