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I'm your not-so-average Unit Armorer in the US Army. Here's how my life goes: "Your weapon is still dirty". Also, I like guns.

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Well, it's been a few months since deploying and things have fallen into a cycle. We do the same thing everyday like robots but overall, it seems easier and more pleasant than being back in the US (in terms of performing work). The feeling that you described in This Isn't War, the feeling of missing being deployed, is something that is now obvious. It's the routine. You don't have to worry about certain things as a lot of it is simply given to you.

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Why did you delete: Staying Sane In A Peaceful World?

Do you plan on rewriting it?

My deepest respects to you and your entire family. I could never do what you do.


Well, I'm currently serving in the US Army and I'm the first in my entire family line to serve in the US military, but not first in any military. My family has fought against the Japanese, the Germans, the French, the Americans, and each other. WWI, WWII, the First Indochina War, the American War (Vietnam War as you guys call it), and the third Indochina War are among the wars that my family members have fought in.

And I'm preparing for my first deployment to the Middle East.

Among the family members that I have that are still alive after serving, they do not speak politely of their experiences. Your story was a very nice take on the whole idea of past war experiences/memories.

  • Viewing 278 - 282 of 282
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