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What to do.... · 1:31pm Apr 11th, 2013

Some may be wondering why I've forgotten about Princess Sweet. Well, it's simple. The show's canon has taken my story, ripped it up, thrown it on the ground, stomped it, set it on fire, then stomped its ashes again. Though I haven't gotten into it yet (I'm not worried about this because it won't spoil much), the entire story is based on the thought that alicorns are born, not made and that being an alicorn is a curse, something to be feared. The thing is that the alicorns know something about

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I am here to inform you that Princess Sweet popped up on the feature box, and in the course of a half hour, I'd read it and was immediately devastated to discover that you were thinking of abandoning it. Hope this changes your mind. :scootangel:

Hello sir or madame,

I am Obsidian Raindrop the creator of a group known as The Great and Not Obsessive Trixie I am here to ask if you would like your story to be added to my group.

The only requirements are:

1. You have a story about Trixie and she is not completely obsessing over her lose at the hands of Twilight. (She can hate that she lost to twilight and even try and beat again but she just can't be be so obsessive like she is in most stories. )
2. She may be a supporting character or a main character it does not matter.
3. i can`t think of a third thing

Sorry to all those who either received this email twice or who don`t have trixie as a main or supporting character. Also just PM me if you want your story added.


It's me Obsidian again asking you guys to do stuff you don't want to.

1. tell me the name of your story and the one folder you want it in

2.join the group it is really cool and we'll soon get a banner up

3. fallow because it will boost my confidence

Yours truly, Obsidian Raindrop

I like your avatar, that is some great advice Pinkie is giving. Oh and more Princess Sweetie please


Hehe, I've been a bit busy lately :twilightsheepish: don't worry, I'm working on it!

can you please please please please please please make a new chapter to sweetie alicorn!!! :unsuresweetie: I need it!!!

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