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Sometimes I write words but mostly I just sit around like a big sack of meat and read.

These people!

Go check out these people!

Karna- He's just generally a nice guy!

PointlessGizmo- Pointless write great stories about a changeling and Trixie getting into shenanigans! They're some of my favourite stories! Go check them out!

Avenging-Hobbits- You like Iron Man? You like Thor? You like the Hulk? Do you like ponies? Check this guy's stories out!

Listener- This guy writes great stories, and is a great guy overall. Go check him out.

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The Heroes of Equis Collab group now are watching you! good luck!


It took you this long to get around to that?

More than that, you stopped Cold Days in the middle?! How?!

Also, skin Game was fucking awesome so much stuff hGgkfkfjkgkgmd.


I should probably finish the final quarter of Cold Days, shouldn't I? I'll get right on that.

Got Skin Game today! I shall now proceed to read.



I'll just leave this here.

Skin Game


Post in the RP thread. We need to do stuff.

Okay, unexpected stuff happened.

My laptop's screen is fuzzy and useless, and I'm away from my normal computer for the next week.

What this means is that my posts will be short, simple, and only once a day, if that, and I won't be on Skype at all for the next week.

Also, it means you'll have to actually give me time to post if you want Gavin to do anything, because typing on touch screens is hell.

Please tell the others. Expect no response to this.


Get on freaking Skype more often.

Everyone is online except for YOU.

  • Viewing 198 - 207 of 207
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