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While I don't appreciate the loss of something I cared about being called an excuse, it's not particularly an option anymore. Thank you for your concern and solution, but it is sadly a number of years too late in coming.

Having everything stored on floppy disks is no excuse. Floppy readers are pretty cheap.
Also you should probably get everything off floppy disks soon before the data degrades.

Oh, wow, that’s far from the answer I was counting on, I figured they were just on FIMFetch! That’s very impressive!


When I was still an active writer, it was long before I was even aware of fanfiction communities online. To the point that my unfinished magnum opus is in word documents spread across some forty floppy disks. Which came at the end of an obsessed writing run that completely broke my capability to harness creativity and write on demand.

I apologize, but I don't have my former works capable of being posted. ...The interest is nice, though. Thank you.

Is there any place your former fanfics might be found? (Genuinely just curious since I see you around in comments a lot and you really seem like the person to write a lot so I’d be curious what your style is)

  • Viewing 141 - 145 of 145
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