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When I said I was going to be a Brony for life, I meant it! That didn’t mean one year or two years it meant for life! Also, I'm pretty sociable, PM me if you wish to talk or have any queshtions.

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Guess what... · 12:52am Nov 21st, 2014

Hello Bros and friends.

Have I missed anything?

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I'm a walking mass of random ideas.

I'm curious to the core.

I love Wanderer D among many, many other authors on this site.

Quotes that I like:

No matter what you do, how you do it, and how much effort you put into it, there will always be someone who thinks you did it wrong.

We all have our dreams, and we'd best hold fast to them, least we plummet to the Earth.


Please, can I have your attention here for just a second.

New Theme Song

Old Theme Song

Just for the lulz

I love to review stories almost as much as to read them; However I don't like to edit, just pre-read.

No that's not the reason the actual reason is that I'm not qualified. It's hard enough to edit my own work, let alone someone else.:twilightblush:

Guess who's back…

Anon and the CMCs.

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Dont come bac

You were a nice horse to talk with. And one of the last few major ties to Sir Hat's work.

Hope ya come back, brony.

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