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I write romance with intimacies, not clop. To my readers, I quote The Bard: “We who prologue-like your humble patience pray, Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play.” (Henry V)


Thank You So Much! · 9:17pm November 14th

As Hard As Velvet has been received so well, I will work to continue this story. Truthfuly, I have always loved Twilight Velvet and am happy to work with her.

Stay Tuned.

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I'm following because I want to follow until I can get to read someone else stories. I have a ton to finish.

Thanks for the watch :yay:
What story did thou like most, if 't be true I may ask?

Take your time, please. I am more than happy to wait.

Just a quick note to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this. I've downloaded your stories in the .epub format and will productively use my time away from those distracting internet hotspots to read them (laptop battery willing).:raritywink:

Thanks for the watch and the faves.

2280154 Labyrinth
David Bowie as the Jareth the Goblin King

Who is that in your avatar? Looks like someone from a band similar to Judas Priest.

Huh, the goblin king. Nice choice.

2219579 see thats the kind of thing id ignore. in my opinion unless your writing in their universe their head canon doesnt mean anything to anyone else

2219481 Started in 2012. But after getting sick of people who criticized because I stepped all over their head cannon. I took a break about a year ago, then I took everything off the site while I polished and rewrote things that I had wanted to add in the first place, think Star Wars re-release.

Now I have a bunch of work to finish what I started.

wow you must have been writing all those stories for a while

Just catching up with my old stuff. It will be a little slower now.,.

Why can't I stop reading all these stories? I swear every time I look there's more. It's great!

Thanks a bunch for the watch! It is greatly appreciated! :pinkiehappy:


Glad to see you are still active I really enjoy all your stories keep up the great work!

Just because you're as sick as a dog doesn't mean you can't have a day as bright as a diamond

2210872 thanks, but I'm sick as a diamond dog today. But the thought is what matters. Hope your day was better than mins. :twilightsmile:

Hi! I hope you're having an awesometastic super duper day!:pinkiehappy:

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