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Twilight asks Rarity an important question: Will she stay the night?

Her answer is almost always the same. Maybe that's why Twilight keeps asking.

Inspired by the song "No Se Va" by the Colombian band Morat.

Art by Mewball !

Chapters (1)
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This reads like sugar tastes

That was absolutely beautiful to read... now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to drop from a heart attack now.

mm, yes, inject the purple stuff straight in, doc.

Absolutely lovely 💜

The words for this have not existed sine Men changed the language that they learned from Elves.

It was adorable!

funk #6 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

That was so happy and wholesome. I loved every single word!

It was cute and adorable and saccharine and purely Rarity and Twilight wrapped up in one wonderful story.

The only downside is these snapshots have made me want to see all of the buildup to the friendship, relationship, and marriage. Nevertheless, they were fantastic peeks into the lives of two that became one.

Amazing read as always, Mono.

Beautiful Mono as expected to be fair. :twilightsmile:

Aww, this is cute :twilightsmile: :raritywink:

Got diabetes nows. Never change Mono.

Nice story but I don't think Rarity is gay though, at least not according to the show :rainbowhuh:

This fic has strong Last Train Energy. An excellent use of the vignette style to tell a coherent and strongly-linked story.

Also eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that was adorable! Why are they so cute together?

This was really adorable. It was great seeing their relationship develop over time. Though jeez Twi, let a mare do her job. Should have moved in the sewing equipment by day 2.
And the timeline contradicts Last Train Home, so that means this won't lead into Injuring Eternity! So it's just adorable and not also sad.

This was goddamn adorable and I am entirely OK with this.

Ri2 #16 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Me: omg imagine vignettes of their life and in every one Twilight asks Rarity to sta-- OH NO, I'M DOING IT AGAIN


Ore mer GERD! Shoh qute! :3

Ok, I confess, you didn't fall off the wagon. There never was a wagon. It was all just an elaborate hoax dreamed up by myself and five or six of my fellows. I'm struggling to remember why.

Come to think of it, I may have imagined the involvement of five or six of my fellows.

It was probably to try and slow you down so I can catch up on TEK once my workload normalizes.

I admit that I may have overreacted.

JMP #19 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Well...Mono did say she'd publish a story today. This was adorable; absolutely well done. I think my favorite part is when they were drunk and the first thing that comes out of a flustered Twilight's mouth is "That taught me nothing about tying cherries". I love it.

Fantastic RariTwi. #Serene

Aww, such sweet Raritwi.

This was lovely. I love how you've married your old style with how you've evolved.

bless u dude.

that cherry stem scene was near perfect.

“What? Rarity! I’m not going to bother the princess for that, even if the sun actually worked that way, which it doesn’t!”

All I could picture was the giant mirror from Futurama getting hit with a small asteroid then becoming a giant death ray.

Bravo Mono, I'm stocked up on the sweetness for another day. Nice to have the playful relationship stories now and then. Rarity will now have to fight Twilight off from organizing all of her sewing materials and then reorganizing them in different configurations.

You'll never escape the RariTwi Mono!

Closed-mouth, high-pitched giggling intensifies:twilightsmile:

It's so fluffy I'm gunna DIE. :raritystarry:

D"awwwwwwww :heart:

Y así descrubí el secreto más confidencial de Equestria, el hecho de que canciones rómanticas en español obliguen que Mono nos alimente con Raritwi.


–Rarity, ¡eso es ridículo! Tu hipotesis no tiene ninguna prueba.
–Entonces hay que probarlo, querida.
–¡Es inético! Desde 746 A.S., la experimentación humana es literalmente ilegal, gracias al Código Real 1218b.
–Uh, ¿sí?
–¿Ya te he dicho que te quiero?
–Mil veces, Rarity.
–Mil veces y una. Te quiero, Twilight.
–Y yo a ti, Rarity.

¡El hipotesis funcionó! Aunque en lugar de afectar a Mono, me afectó a mí. Pues, soy cientista y confio en la evidencia. ¡A escuchar y escribir!

Le echo la culpa a fourths.

This just so perfectly Twilight and Rarity! I was tearing up by the fourth vignette and sniffling by the end, it was just so sweet!

Thank you, Mono! And please, don't ever stop writing these two. You make them beautiful together!

Adorable shipshort love the use of the time lapses

I love it. You have Twilight and Rarity down to a T.

There is no escape

Aww. Adorable. :heart:
Never change Mono. Never change.
Besides writing pony words can be a way to write non-pony words too, if you know how to tackle it.
I believe in you. :yay:

Ahah! This deja vu from whole "i was snob too" scene XD Something like this already was in Snakes and Ladders if i'm correct.

An absolutely sweet little story c:

Now that was some top-quality RariTwi! Great charcterization, and absolutely adorable. :twilightsmile::raritywink:

Ahhh man. I could read your RariTwi fics forever. Such warmth in this story. Great job 💜

“And don’t even get me started on your magical talent! In fact, you know what?” She looked up at Twilight and gestured at her with a needle. “You should be royalty, not him! Honestly! I’m sending Princess Celestia a formal letter of complaint tomorrow!”

So that's why Twilight became an alicorn, it makes sense now!

Btw you'll be receiving my dental bill in the mail for the amount of cavities I'll have after reading something this sweet. It's either this or the sheer amount of sugar I've been consuming but I don't think thats connected

Manipulative Twi is adorable.

"Darling, dearest, sweetheart, Twilight Sparkle," she said, tilting her head to the side. "How charming of you to think we're getting any sleep tonight."

That’s quite forward of you, Rarity.

I..." Twilight sucked on the stem inside her mouth. "But, we don't have any extra cherries."

"That's fine, dear," Rarity said, patting the spot next to her on the couch. "We only need yours."

Goodness, Rarity! The scandal!
In case this is the first you’ve heard of it, bisexuality is totally a thing that real people totally are. Sexuality’s a slider, not a toggle switch.

Adorably cute :yay:

Me: You know, I think I'm finally moving on from RariTwi and MLP.

Mono, that shall be a sad, sad day. Will still read the :yay: out of any poorly (or expertly) veiled RaryTwi you write out of fimfic. And things that are not that too, but we all know how much you love them (and we you for it) :twilightsmile::raritystarry:

Long live cute, wholesome RariTwi! :heart:

“She said that being able to tie the stem of a cherry with your mouth means you’re a good kisser.”
it only means that you have good dexterity with your tongue muscles

Fie! on the cherries, tuba is where the real tongue talent is!

Artfully executed as always. Perfect for reading while cuddling up to my fiancée. Thank you so much for sharing, Mono!

Mono I reread it again write more RariTwi please

This may be my favorite short of yours. Absolutely wonderful. It made me giggle and feel all warm inside in the most sugary heart warming way. RariTwi forever.

“Pinkie Pie told me something interesting,” Twilight announced, quite coherent despite her three glasses of wine and generally low alcohol tolerance. She levitated one of the cherries from the cake resting on the nearby table and continued: “She said that being able to tie the stem of a cherry with your mouth means you’re a good kisser.”

...i luv this thing. More pls!

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