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This story is a prequel to Injuring Eternity.

Life is like a train ride, don't you think, dearest? The tracks have been set, destination picked and the ticket is well in hoof. What a shame that so many, myself included, are so focused on the destination that they fail to realize a universal truth.

Destinations will change, trains will be caught and missed, but there will always be somepony willing to journey with you—so long as you let them.

Thanks to the amazing lilfunkman for the gorgeous cover art.

Now with a russian translation!

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Monochromatic has posted a story.

Yeeessss! No doubt this beauty will be as enjoyable of a read as always.

Oh wow, this is wonderful! I love it!

Hadn't read it yet, but I know it deserves a like, just because is Mono and is raritwi.

An instalike if you wish

I simply love this new writing style.
Also, your Rarity is just flawless, and it's always a pleasure to read it.

I've been anticipating this story so much, that I'm strongly considering hitting the upvote button before even opening it.

I'm not sure if it's the introduction, the amazing art...or the title that just calls to me. Or maybe the heavy foreshadowing of hype from Monochromatic lately :pinkiehappy:

Battin a thousand again, Mono! Gods, this is a good one.

I want to read this right now but I have a 2000 word assessment due tonight for Uni that I need to do first.
Why dose life have to be so cruel?

Well this is sickeningly adorable. I'm afraid I've come down with a bad case of -D'aww- and several equally terrible bouts of uncontrolled giggles. I look forward to the next installments.
Once again, Mono, you've started something amazing. Keep it up!


Just copy and paste the story, I'm sure they won't mind.

Another Raratwi story that’s not the enchanted library?! :derpyderp2:
What are the odds? :derpytongue2:

I do not like how Rarity is written in this story, she constantly comes off as elitist and even condescending and it just ticks me off. And I get that it's supposed to be a part of her character to some extent but I think it's too exaggerated here. I should note that this is not something that was present in your early story, Injuring Eternity (which I quite liked).

Why is it that your shipping is so satisfying to read? I read through both chapters and all I want is more.......SO MAKE MORE RARITWI!!! XD

I'm interessted, but I want to hear if this story will only play out with train scenes, or if it continues normally.
I haven't read the story yet, I just got the idea that it maybe would be so.

You do realize Rarity is telling a story? To Twilight of all ponies!
Over-exaggerating and being awfully dramatic is her goal to provide visual and aural entertainment to Twi (and us by extension).

BTW its leav.

but woo boy. i love this. especially not hearing twilight, but just rarity's responses.

Then read it, dear Texus. The story is most wonderful and its charms are well woven to ensorcell us, the readers.

i wonder. is twilight trying to get her longing across through the only way she knows how or shes just fumbling along with the first "other" that isn't family?

Once again, I understand that over-dramatizing is supposed to be a part Rarity's character and it can be enjoyable when done right. It's just that I feel like this is taken too far with this story in some spots to the point where it starts getting annoying. And it's not even the main issue, I guess it's just me but her attitude also sometimes comes off as condescending. And like I said, I usually don't get these vibes from other stories featuring Rarity including other stories from Monochromatic, it's just that this one stands out somehow.
Don't get me wrong, it's otherwise a good story, it's just that Rarity's attitude inexplicably annoys me at times.

EDIT: Reading further into this, this aspect appears to be less pronounced in the "second" chapter which makes the story more fun to read.

I just want to reiterate. Your Rarity makes me smile uncontrollably. Like, seriously. Her interaction with Twilight, the delightful way she teases, everything. It just cheers me up unfailingly.

Came across this story today, came across you as an author today by the virtue of the feature box.

Thought, 'Oh what an interesting, off beat way of writing a story' and found myself utterly engrossed! You really make Rarity live and breathe in this. I love the little touches too. Even the fact that the listening Twilight's moves are invisible and all we get is Rarity's reactions. It invites the imagination to fill in the gap of what she said or did. It's the kind of thing that works so well in practice. If you told me before "Oh its a story where only Rarity talks to the camera" I'd be like "How could that be interesting" and then I read this and wonder why do we write stories any other way. Either your skill or the fact that Rarity is that wonderful of a character or both :)

I adore the whole budding love / awkward love moments. They feel very real and very much true to Twilight and Rarity. My favorite scene is the train ride where she is napping during Twilight's reading and their reaction afterwards when she wakes up. The Alone Together scene was just pure joyful romance, very very well written. Both from the in the moment way and from the meta way of Rarity narration. I like it that she starts to get more affectionate and adoring the closer they get to these relationship moment. I can imagine her looking on with doting eyes with the present day Twilight.

I think it is wicked that we already know that they hook up from the framing, because I get all hungry reading and leaning forward going "They are going to kiss and say I love you at some point, I wanna know how when and where! Oh no! I have to wait another week for the next chapter! *cry*"

At least now that I've discovered you as an author I can go read your other stories while I wait, hah!

This painting scene is like, holy crap. I think I needed this kind of thing. De-stressing to the max. This is a great story to read with a cup of tea or cocoa. It's just nice in a way I think people just need sometimes. Just a reminder that sometimes things are just cute and good and wonderful.

I really like this story so far. Though I always hit the same issue with this particular ship, how does twilight x rarity work when spike is in love with rarity and twilight knows it...

it wouldn'T have hurted to just say yes or no, well I can't read it now, I already have to many stories and have to choose which to read first.
The I probably have to put it aside till I have less to read.

Well done roleplaying, Miss Tempest. You do haughty very well :duck:

She's near the tail-end of things and reminiscing. That's what it feels like, and that kind of hurts. Pls hurt me again mono.


I really like this narration style.


This is one of the best things I've read in a long, long time.


I'm sure the book they're reading doesn't hurt either :raritywink:

Since no one else has called it yet, the passages Twilight is reading to Rarity are from The Sickness Unto Death by dear Cynewulf here.

Gets a little... saucy for a book to share with "just a friend" imo :twilightblush:

This narration... I'm reminded of Spring is Dumb, and that's definitely as much a compliment as Rarity's thoughts on Twilight when seeing the Folded Bookmark. And since this is Rarity and it's first person pony, well... this is quite a gem. In terms of comedy, this contains some of your best work, and that's saying something. I'm happy, amused, delighted, and sad all at once. It's quite the workout, from an emotional standpoint.

The dialogue between these two, taking place as it does with the asides, is just wonderful. The story itself is engaging even while we have a fair idea where it's going thanks to those asides. I look forward to seeing the next installment. Mono, this is truly wonderful work.

Ah, here it is. I might as well post this, seeing as it's fitting for the fic.

Oh gosh, your Rarity, yeeeeeee
Oh no. Is my Eternity going to get Mortally Wounded this time around?

I take that into account for the fic o:

"Oh bookie...no, Rarity, wait"
--The Enchanted Train Station

Also, are those poems yours? Because they're SO SWEET IM GONNA DIE AAAAAA

Why couldn't I get poems like these in lit class?

Minor inconsistency. In chapter 1 the author's name is Single Color but here it is Single Shade.

you saw nothing

thank u



More so than your depiction of Twilight and Rarity, I love your portrayal of Spike in this chapter. It takes a great deal of character to be this selfless and benevolent, and the best part is that it totally feels like something the Spike in the show would do. That is just so in character with him. So bravo.


"'’The Ethereal Empire by Single Shade,"

Ethereal Archives is different from the sequel.

And to think, I actually had to read the first quoted line before it rang a bell. I’m getting slow in my elder years.* (Also, Rarity is unfairly critical of Ethereal Archives. I happen to know for a fact the romance in it is excellent.)

Srsly, this is lovely. Please don’t make me wait another week Single Mono. :fluttershysad:

* (What? 25 is old. I got the white hairs to prove it.)

I really like the writing style you're using. You've great at writing characters, and the style gives us that little bit more interaction, which makes this fic a joy to read.

I'm also super glad you posted early, I don't think I could wait another day.

You're not the only one hopelessly slow, or who finds Rarity overly critical...


Well, the update being early is a pleasant surprise.

“Now what?” you asked, sounding ever so flustered. You were very close. Probably a bit too close; it was difficult to be mysterious with you smooshed against my cheek.

You know, this is really very much a self-inflicted problem.

That was a very successful conversation with Spike.

Mature!Spike makes me a happy reader. :moustache:

if this could turn into a new chapter for 10 years, i'd be the happiest person.

Oh yes. Thank you for writing this, it was exactly what I needed right now. Sassy Rarity is the best Rarity.

You looked angelic, I thought, which was fitting considering I felt like I wanted to die.

Your take on rarity is spot on

God this is so good. I find rarity one of the harder of the main cast to write, her little nuances and mannerisms are hard to get down pat.

Yet you make this look easy. It's so damned perfect. I simply cannot wait for the next chapter~

Maybe the forthcoming horrible events would have gone a very different way.

You just had to leave it off like that, didn't you? You just couldn't resist putting a line that dangerous at the end of so much exquisite fluff? Evil is what you are, diabolical.

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