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This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Kingdom

Reunited after days apart, Twilight is eager to share a quiet and intimate moment with Rarity. However, in order to do so, both must be willing to unveil their scars.

Small oneshot set in the continuity of The Enchanted Kingdom.

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Wait...What is this?!
OK. Well there goes my next half hour.


brb rewritting all of TEL and TEK so they're humanized instead of pony and I can make this version of events canon


You joke, but please do this it would make it much easier for me to make fanart of it, personally

Just finished reading it, and I gotta say, this is some of your best work, Mono. The conclusion is what really gets me - you just wrote it so beautifully.

10/10, amazing. :heart: :twilightsmile:

Thank you, Ketix! I really appreciate it :3c

OMG it's soooo good!
IDK how you do it but seriously, you can write something beautifully, close it off perfectly and still leave your readers wanting more.
I can't rate this. It's beautifully, amazingly unquantifiable.

For real?

OK so it turns out that it took me 40 minutes to read though this rather then half an hour as I predicted but that's because I kept pausing as I read to try and take in just how much I freaking loved this.
I fell that I am almost certainly biased at this point because I seem to love almost everything that you write and that I find RariTwi to be just so incredibly adorable, But this story just brought me so much pure Joy I just can not get over it. The way you write these to is just so perfect in so many ways I just fucking Love it!
This might actually be one of favorite stories on here of all time I love it that much.

I know I do this a lot, but I want to say thank you Mono. After having a rather bad day reading this is exactly what I needed to put a smile on my face, so once again, Thank you.

I know you joke here but a part of me would kind of love it if you actually did that. It almost feels wrong to not have this be part of the TEK cannon. Also this site desperately needs more Humanized RariTwi.

One last thing to add is that the idea of Twilight having no idea how to put on modern clothes and Rarity having to awkwardly teach her is both adorable and hilarious and I kind of want that idea to be its own story. There is too much potential there to let it go to waste.

It was supposed to be short and sweet,but something went terribly right

Very much so! This was excellent.

I’m not crying.

I just spilled some water on my face.

Lovely interactions and a beautiful connection between these two ladies.

I really need to catch up on your works. So far behind! :twilightsheepish:

Something went terribly right, indeed! This is glorious, Mono! I loved how each Lavender Girlfriend cycled through intimacy, insecurity, shame, frustration, ... and how the Power of Love drew each out of her tailspin.

Colors of the Soul sounds intriguing - I'll have to pick it up at my local EL :raritywink:

Aw yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The constellation stars was far more adorable than it had ANY right to be.

Wow, this was so epic! And so wonderfully gorgeous. I have such a smile on my face... You made my day, Mono :heart:

Me esperaba algo muy triste. Con esa introducción... Auch.

Qué lindo es ser sorprendido.


Bueno, sí, son anthros, pero...

Saw the pic on DA, knew you’d make a story for it! :raritystarry:

Although, this an AU within an AU with them as humans?! O.0 :derpyderp2:

Alternate alternate universe - AAU:duck:

That was a nice read. There were many d'aww inducing moments. And one snort for the Soulmates reference.

Is this completely non-canon or did something vaguely like it happen in EK?

Fortunately, alternate universe fan-art has a long and storied tradition. Go for it!

Thank youu, Wolf! I'm glad you liked it. :D

8689265 8689776
I'm replying to you both as I have a similar answer but, thank you for your nice comments AND ALSO this is actually very much canon to TEK. Obviously not the constellation aspect, but a similar conversation absolutely happened in canon!TEK along with the IMPLICATIONS after said convo. It's actually referenced in Chapter 4 haha!

/me slams door down THANK U, I'm really glad you like it, Cara! >:3c

Thank you, Ally! And omg there's no pressure o: take your time

Heeee, thanks, Prana. I had a lot of fun writing this, especially being able to continue exploring their relationship >3< ALSO HAHAHA Colors of the Soul, I'm never going to get enough of referencing fics I've written in fics I've written


I'm glad you liked it, Kit! <3

jajajaj me da gusto que te gustó el final! As for the canon thing, te recomiendo que leas una de mis respuestas un poquito arriba :raritywink:

yessss haha the actual drawing was based off this fic haha! I was telling this idea to Funk a month ago or so and he liked it enough to draw it. If you notice, Twi's wearing her necklace in the drawing.

Oh! Colors of Our Souls! It’s a rather interesting romance book,” she said, returning to her luggage and zipping it close. “It’s set in a universe where people only see in black and white until they meet their soulmate. It’s not an entirely novel concept, but the author works in a very interesting twist.”

i have read that story on fimfiction

Twilight’s flustered lack of response was enough for her, and she giggled with delight, returning her gaze to the stars. “Princess Luna taught me the names of the stars and constellations, you know? ”

“Really?” Twilight asked. “You can’t learn the Starswirl Decimal System, but you can learn the names of more than a hundred stars?”

I mean, sure, this seems to be an AU of your AU, but....last I recall Luna only contacted Rarity once, with the intention of telling her to give up?

So when did Luna take the time to stargaze with Rarity?

Or was this during the timeskip?


Luna contacted Rarity twice in EL: the first time is chapter 11 and 12, in that nightmare caused by Discord's shadow and the second time in chapter 31, when she showed Rarity the events from a thousand years ago. And then there were 2 more years of contact when Rarity moved to Hollow Shades to try to help Luna when Twi was possessed.

They talked during the timeskip, yes.

This was beautiful Mono! When you said , "something went right," you weren't kidding! Kudos to you!

BUDDY!!! You read it too?!?! Is she awesome or WHAT?!? I was smiling the whole time I read it which was during lunch and uh... that resulted in my friend asking what I was reading and it got kinda awkward. Totally worth it. I was smiling like an idiot and I love and if I had a pinch less of restraint I would squeeled so loud it would’ve echoed throughout the entire lunch room....

>Be woken up at 4:30 to come in early to work because someone called in

>Deal with downright stupid people all day at work

>When not dealing with stupid people, doing both my duties and those of the person that's gone

>Finally get off after 9 straight hours of this shit

>Get home and see some RariTwi from Mono

Today was a good day :twilightsmile:

Terribly right indeed.
This was fantastic. The parallels in their emotions and Twilight using the Power of the Nerd to help coax Rarity out of the insecurities she had about the scars were very well done. The drawing itself was a perfect mix of sweet, endearing, and silly. The last line added to all of it made it easily the best way to spend my break in the past month or so.

Would you mind going into more detail about wing magic and magic marks for us?

This is very much relevant to my interests!

“Thaaaat’s… Oh! Colors of Our Souls! It’s a rather interesting romance book,” she said

This must be some kind of monochromancy

Oh my god that was lovely. I'm still at awe of your ability to write so...realistically while simultaneously keeping the campicity*. Most authors I encountered built the interactions of their characters rather fluently whereas only a few — one of them you — dare to capture the bumps and even sometimes awkward moments that happen all the time in real life. And still, you masterfully lead your story where you want it to go.
Yes, this will do nicely to tide me over to the next chapter of EK.

I'm sorry, though, that you had a bad day. I wish you better ones.

*That's definitely a real word.

Human RariTwi still seems pretty good.

“I wasn’t staring at the scars!” Twilight quickly said, wanting to reassure and restore Rarity’s confidence, yet failing spectacularly to do so when Rarity pointed out:

Well that's convincing.

“Well then,” Rarity murmured, leaning in, so close one more inch would join their lips together, “we shall see whether that remains true for much longer, darling.”

Though Twilight’s oratory skills were rather ridiculously exceptional, they did on occasion fail her tremendously, as was the case then and there when Rarity’s statement elicited in her vivid mental images that did little else than draw a sharp breath of air and tighten her grip around Rarity’s hips.

Yes. More clothing.

“Twilight, what are y—Twilight Sparkle!” Rarity all but shrieked when Twilight nonchalantly moved the already short nightgown nearly all the way up her girlfriend’s leg, giving her a full view of every single scar. “Twilight! What are you doing!? And you call me indecent?!”

It's not indecent if it's science.

This may be the sexiest connect the dots game ever.

“They’re not scratches,” Rarity said. “They’re stars and comets.”

This needs to be canon for the main story.

These purple stars are very mono-romantic

Comment posted by Eclipse Moonshine deleted Jan 28th, 2018

Judging by the Au in the beginning, are we to assume that this is considered canon (disregarding the fact that they're human)?
I really hope it is.

10 months later, their offspring born.

human!Twilight spent over a thousand years as a ghost trapped in a corset? Oh the poor girl! That's even worse than in the original 'verse. Corsets are awful!

How did I not know that this was around for a week?!?!


“It’s just me,” Rarity repeated, putting her hand on Twilight’s. “‘It’s just me’, whispered my world entire.”

This got me right in the feels really hard. Monochromatic, I love you and your works. I require more, and, should the day come that these wonderful words see print, I'll be one of the first to throw my money at this computer screen.

Wait. Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait.

Why was my comment deleted? Ider what it was! But why was it deleted...? Did I do something bad and just not remember it???

Rainbow Dash snorted. “Oh, come on, wing magic isn’t the same as what Twilight has,” she said, stomping her foot on the floor and summoning two cyan magic-based wings behind her back. “These things won’t magically wake me up.”

Wings. Wings are amazing.

“That scars don’t heal if you hide them.”

That's deep :rainbowderp:

“It’s just me,” Rarity repeated, putting her hand on Twilight’s. “‘It’s just me’, whispered my world entire.”

I... hrf. This got me in the gut unexpectedly.


In the best way. She uses it almost off-handedly as a response, but it's a very profound statement to me, and gave me a more first-hand relatable viewpoint as to how she sees their bond. The wording is gorgeous, too.

yesssss i have pleased you then

any day I please you is a good day


Aww, thank you Mono. Seeing the labors of your love for these characters and this world you've constructed around them definitely counts towards me having a good day. :heart:

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